Don’t Be Driven To Distraction: Three Common Habits That Could Cost a Life

Driving comes with a lot of responsibility. When you’re in control of a powerful machine which goes extremely fast, you’re putting yours, and others lives in your hands. You might be a competent and experienced driver, but we’re all guilty of bad habits. Some of these things could even cause a serious or fatal collision, so it’s worth being aware of even if you’ve been on the road for many years. Here are three common causes of road traffic accidents.


Nothing beats going on a drive with friends or family. Music, conversation and the windows down, enjoying the open road. However, passengers can be a huge source of distraction. Whether its friends being silly or children arguing, it can all cause your focus to be taken from the road. Studies have shown that young male drivers with male passengers were more likely to drive more aggressively– but they’re not the only ones. As the driver you need to be responsible for your passengers, ensure they’re wearing seat belts and are not distracting you from the road. Be firm about what you won’t accept in your car, and people will have to respect that.


Driving While Angry/ Upset

We all know that driving under the influence of alcohol is an incredibly bad move, any auto accident attorney will tell you from experience how it has ruined people’s lives. But have you ever considered your emotional state? Very strong emotions such as anger or sadness will massively affect your decision making, concentration and overall ability to drive well. If you’ve recently had some bad news, sit and take a few minutes out before getting behind the wheel. After an argument for example it can be easy to jump in the car and want to be out of there, but lives are in your hands. Take some deep breaths and assess whether you’re in a good enough head space to be able to drive. Call a friend first and talk it through if you have to, but don’t risk yours, other road users or pedestrians lives.



Even if your dog is very well behaved in the car, the correct safety procedures need to be followed every single time. All it takes is a one-off occasion for your dog to try and jump from a window, jump into your lap or do anything else that’s going to take your mind off the road. Pets need to be properly restrained at all times. A harness that can be clipped into the seat belt fastening is one option. If your dog is well behaved, you could pop a blanket on the back seat and let him sit comfortably. Another option is to use a trunk gate, that way your dog (or dogs) can ride in the trunk and are unable to jump out over the back seat. If your dogs travel with you a lot and are fairly hyperactive in the car, a trunk crate would be a good idea. You can be sure they’re kept safe and comfortable, especially on longer journeys.


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