Driven to Distraction: What’s Holding You Back from Driving Better & Enjoying It?

Has your love of driving started to sour a little in recent times? It’s not an uncommon feeling. Many people fall out of love with driving. But you don’t have to just accept that. It’s more than possible to rekindle that old love afford. If you want to enjoy driving more and become an all-round better driver, you need to know what the root cause of your problem is. These are the likely explanations.

Your Car


Your car is the first thing to mention. When you have a car that makes you feel uncomfortable or just doesn’t drive smoothly, it’s not going to encourage a positive driving experience, is it? You should try to tweak and upgrade your car. Changing the suspension settings and maintaining your car better can make it a lot more enjoyable to drive.


In other instances, it might simply be time to get rid of your old car and replace it with something newer. More modern cars tend to be more adept at handling the needs of modern drivers and the demands of modern driving. It could be the thing that makes you enjoy driving once again, so give it a try if you can.

The Roads You’re Driving


The roads that you’re driving on could be holding you back as well. It’s often very difficult for you to make the most of your car and your driving experience if the roads that you use most often are not good. For example, roads that are full of potholes and other problems mean that you have to be extra cautious, and that can make driving less fun from the start.


Traffic is another major problem on the road. When there is more traffic, auto accidents are more common, and no one wants to be involved in them. You should find roads and driving routes that are quiet. This allows you to try more and relax more as you drive. You might then rediscover what you always loved about being behind the wheel.

Your Own Skills and Abilities


If you are not are a great driver, your lack of the right skills and abilities could be holding you back. Sure, you’ve passed your test. But if that happened decades ago, it might be time for you to go through a refresher. It’s something that is definitely worth looking into. There are advanced lessons and courses that can make even good drivers better at controlling their vehicles.


It’s also much easier to enjoy being on the road and behind the wheel when you have the right skills and abilities in place. You will be able to do things and control your car in ways that you couldn’t before. Many of us think that we’re great drivers, but don’t let your ego fool you. There are always new things that you can learn.


There are so many things that can hold you back. And far too many people don’t enjoy the time they spend on the road. That’s a real shame, so start addressing some of the concerns you have and the things that are stopping you from driving better.

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