Ford C-MAX Solar Energi concept exhibited at 2014 CES

At this year’s CES event in Las Vegas, the Blue Oval company is showcasing the C-MAX Solar Energi concept which is a plug-in hybrid car with a solar roof panel. The battery pack can be filled from an electrical outlet but it can also draw its energy from the power of the sun.

It does this by using a bespoke concentrator working essentially as a magnifying glass in order too direct the rays of the sun to the solar panels fitted onto the roof.

Ford C-MAX Solar Energi concept-1

A day of sunlight will grant the vehicle with the same capabilities as the regular C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid which returns 108 MPGe in the city, 92 MPGe on the highway and 100 MPGe in the combined cycle, with a range of up to 620 miles (998 km).
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The concept will be further tested to find out if it has what it takes to become a production model.

Source: Ford

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