Ford Silence Broken with Tourneo Vans

The Ford Motor Company brand has been relatively quiet of late in terms of releasing new models at some of the recent automotive shows. At the Geneva Motor Show, this silence continues as they really didn’t splash on the scene a brand new Mustang model, or one of their top selling models, but instead they took this time to introduce the all new family of Tourneo vans which come in a variety of trim levels as follows: Courier, Connect, Grand Connect and Custom.

While Ford had already announced that they plan to reinvent the Transit Connect and drop their other van series, the Tourneo is the passenger version of the transit.


It can see up to five passengers, but four comfortably.

The layout and design of the Tourneo reflects that of the new redesigned 2014 Transit models, it is also only three inches longer than the Fiesta Hatchback with the Courier model trim. The Tourneo also comes with three engine choices: the 1.0-liter EcoBoost, or two small diesels, all of which are very fuel-efficient.  Just like the Transit that was placed on display in France, the Tourneo Connect trim comes in a five passenger design, and the Grand Connect a size up, can fit seven passengers. Then there is the Custom which can be designed to seat up to nine passengers. The Custom is just a few inches shorter than the E-Series model which was retired with the announcement of the 2014 Transit redesign, and is also a foot longer than the ever popular Explorer model.

This vehicle will be ideal for families who have children, pets, or even have a small business of their own like pottery painting, flower shops and so forth. This Tourneo will be a great transition from those who are looking for a fuel-efficient means of delivering products to their customers, but also being able to bring their children places, such as soccer or baseball practice—even ice hockey with the scent! Either way the Transit the Tourneo is to become quite popular in the automotive industry, and other automakers like Nissan are joining the trend. To learn more about the Ford Tourneo or Transit models, you can check out the Transit Connect Inventory of Tindol Ford.

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