Great Motorcycle Batteries For Cold Canadian Winters

If you live in Canada, or you frequently travel to the “True North,” you know how cold and harsh a Canadian winter can be—especially with another Polar Vortex moving in.

Aside from toes and noses, these winters are acutely hard on automobile batteries, and,because of how exposed they are, motorcycle batteries in particular.

Extreme cold can cause cracking or leaking in your battery case, which has the potential of causing expensive damage to your motorcycle (or a malfunction, leaving you stranded somewhere you don’t want to be).


So when choosing a new motorcycle battery, you need to be sure that it will stand up against the bitter cold of another Canadian winter.

Finding a good battery for your motorcyclerequires some care. In general,you always have to make sure it’s lightweight, of good quality, maneuverable, and reliable. When you have to add “winter resistant” to your list,it’s going to make your search that much harder. However, AGM batteries, or Absorbed Glass Mat batteries, are a perfect option when facing extreme wind and cold. AGM batteries are extremely lightweight, and are resilient through any sort of winter weather conditions. Commonly used in Arctic ice monitoring systems, they never crack or leak because they don’t contain free electrolytes. Instead, their electrolytes are held in glass mats, keeping them from free floating and freeze-free. Since these batteries won’t leak, you won’t have to worry about a spill in case of an accident, and they can be placed in whatever position they need to be in to fit your motorcycle! Read more about AGM batteries and start understanding the science behind the energy you use to rev down the road.

When you choose your battery, it only makes sense to purchase it from a provider who understands the type of environmental situations you’ll be putting it through. That’s why a battery that’s manufactured, tested, and sold in Canada will be your most reliable bet. When you purchase motorcycle batteries from Canadian Energy you’ll get fast answers to questions about winter care, maintenance, and storage, and you’ll get honest helpfinding the best warranty—long lasting and without any hassles—for your upcoming winter sojourn. Canadian suppliers will also often make solid promises about recycled parts and commitment to environmental preservation—something you don’t find in every battery seller around the world. When you’re taking in the sights of another beautiful (and yes, sometimes brutal) Canadian winter, you’ll feel much better knowing your impact is lessened, and you’re leaving something behind for those who come after.

Don’t fret about getting stuck in the snow this winter because of a malfunctioning or cracked battery. Instead, stand up to the elements with a dependable, quality-made, and warrantied battery from a proud Canadian supplier, and never worry about the winter again.

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