Why Are Motorcycle Accidents So Common?

While motorcycle accidents aren’t quite as common as a lot of people think – most people seem to think that everyone who rides a motorcycle will get into a serious accident! – the statistics are still very worrying. So why exactly are motorcycle accidents so common? Let’s take a quick look.


Other drivers not paying attention


The most common motorcycle accident involves a driver turning left without looking properly first. There are a lot of other, similar scenarios, but this, specifically, is the most frequent. Drivers need to start paying more attention, it would seem! Of course, it should also be noted that motorcyclists should remember that they are harder to spot.


Yes, drivers of other vehicles should be keeping a closer eye out for motorcyclists. But you should also be cautious, even if it is only to protect yourself against the mistakes of others. The fact is that drivers tend to see an absence of other cars more than they see a presence of a motorcycle – and it’s because they’re looking for cars!

New bikers


These bikes are hardly the most stable vehicle in the world! They can, of course, be very safe in the hands of experienced motorcyclists. But even they have a harder time keeping a motorcycle upright than they would a car. (It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that it’s because motorcycles have two wheels and a smaller frame!) Newbies, however, tend to have a harder time of it. You need to build up quite a lot of strength and awareness of your time motorcycling.


Not enough protection


Maybe it’s because people associate motorcycling with bicycling, an activity people often do without protection, or at least not much more protection than a helmet. (Which, by the way, you should totally be wearing even if you’re “just” riding a bicycle!)

One of the reasons that motorcycle accident statistics are so high is because even the more minor ones – ones that may not have been thought much of by either party if both vehicles were cars – can result in notable injuries. It’s essential that you’re wearing the right protective gear. Find a good point of purchase for quality gear.

The speed-visuals balance


In some sense, this can be put down to simply “driving too fast.” But it’s not quite as simple as that. The fact is that going fast on a motorcycle is naturally more dangerous than going fast in a car – not just because of you being more exposed to the elements, but because the way you see the road and your surrounding is completely different when you’re on a motorcycle.

You’re simply much less likely to be able to react to something when you’re going too fast on a motorcycle. Why do you think so many accidents happen at sharp corners? If there’s a surprise round the corner, then you basically have to injure yourself in order to stop in time by slamming the bike to the ground! You might want to perfect your trail braking technique if you need to keep up the speed.

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