Great Wall preparing for 2015 U.S. market entry

Great Wall is preparing to enter the extremely competitive U.S. market in 2015, according to a recent announcement made by the company’s president Wang Fengying.

She declared the firm will start selling SUVs by 2015 and it is believed Great Wall will be the very first car manufacturer from China to commercialize vehicles in large numbers in the United States.

Currently they are also taking into consideration the possibility of making cars in U.S. as well.

Described as being perhaps one of the most successful automakers to come from China, Great Wall is a financially stable firm and for a few years they have been working on a plan to commence commercializing vehicles in the United States. However, quality concerns and steep manufacturing costs stopped them so far from taking this bold step.

The company’s plans are to deliver 800,000 vehicles this year, compared to 2012 when they sold 677,000 units. Also for this year they want to increase exports to 130,000 vehicles.


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