Guide to selling your car

If time has come to get rid of your car and buy another one, the first step that has to be taken is to list the vehicle in a classified online advertisement, such as eBay, Craigslist, Edmunds, CarSoup or other similar sources where you can be certain that the ad will have the necessary exposure. You can also go the old fashioned way by putting a classified ad in print, because even to this day there are lots of people who still read newspapers. These can be very efficient as they show the local cars for sale so the reader will get examples of cars for sale nearby him, thus increasing chances of getting a deal.

For Sale By Owner

Don’t forget about putting up a sign on the windshield of your car as this is still a strong method of advertising. In other words, print out a sign like the one attached to this article and write down all the important details about the car, together with contact information. You also might want to consider parking the car in an area where it has more exposure, but be very attentive as you might end up getting a fine for this.

You will have more chances of selling the car if it has been inspected by a mechanic so that there won’t be anything wrong with it. The value of the vehicle drops significantly if there are some technical issues which most likely will be discovered since the interested buyer will probably want to have the car checked before making up his mind.

If you don’t have the money to repair the problems found, at least you can be honest with the client and tell him what’s wrong with the car so that he will have an accurate idea above what he is about to buy so he won’t have any unpleasant surprises. Another piece of advice which has to be taken into consideration is cleaning the car thoroughly both inside and out. You also could get it detailed so that it will look better in the eyes of the clients.

After you have completed all the previous steps, it’s time to put a price tag on your car. If you don’t know how much it’s worth, take a look at several ads with similar cars to get an idea about how much money you should ask. You can increase your chances of selling the car by letting potential customers to take it for a test drive. Before negotiating the price tag, always have a minimum figure established and never go below it because you could end up getting a bad deal.

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