Put Her Into Drive: Getting Started With Tuning

For many, their car is nothing but a tool; something that can take them from A to B quickly and conveniently. For others, like the bulk of our readership, it’s a huge part of life that needs to be treated with the utmost care and respect. If your car means a lot to you, then you may want to get into customising it, to assure it goes above and beyond its capabilities. Here are a few basics to understand first…


Understanding Customisation

For some time now, major auto manufacturers have been implementing more and more room for customisation in their models; the ability to customise your car according to your preference. With a lot of modern cars, almost everything can be modified, from mainly aesthetic features like the lights, wheels and body, all the way up to more practical components like the brakes and features covered by garages like GC Suspension. The only real limits on how much you can customise your car is your budget. If you’ve never tried any customisation before, one of the big things to bear in mind is that modifying a car to improve its looks alone is usually more expensive than buying a new model. Car tuning is a great hobby, but it certainly isn’t cheap.

It’s All in the Body

There are many reasons why you may be taking an interest in car tuning. For some people, it’s all about performance, and tailoring everything about the vehicle to your unique tastes. For others, it’s more about being a part of something; namely the massive subculture behind car tuning. Of course, it’s your vehicle and ultimately your decision as to what you customise or leave alone. Having said that, it’s worth noting that the body is the most important thing in a lot of circles in the car tuning community. This is the first thing that catches people’s eye, especially when it comes to enthusiasts. If you really want to go all-out with your customisation, be sure to give yourself a decent budget for bodywork alone.

Then, the Engine and Computer

Closely on the heels of the body, the engine is one of the most talked-about features in the tuning community. This is the main vital organ in your vehicle; the beating heart that makes everything run. Tuning your engine is one of the most common and affordable ways to customise a car, and can make all the difference out on the road. Chip tuning is another popular way to get a car performing beautifully. This involves acquiring certain chips and installing them on the car’s computer. This can be used for things such as bumping up the car’s top speed, rate of acceleration, and so forth. The engine and computer are cheaper and easier to modify compared to the body, and other car tuning enthusiasts are going to expect you to have a pretty decent knowledge of both after a while!

I hope that these basic points get you off to a great start in car tuning. Just remember to do your homework if you’re lacking experience, and seek advice from experienced mechanics or tuning enthusiasts.

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