Honda teases next-gen Ridgeline

The current generation of the Honda Ridgeline will be discontinued in the middle of next year but the good news is the Japanese marque has already announced a successor is in the works and will retain the nameplate. Seen here is the first teaser photo depicting the next-gen Ridgeline which will be launched “within two years.” Further details about the vehicle have not been released but we do know the new Ridgeline is going to be designed and developed in United States.

Next-generation Honda Ridgeline

Judging by what we can see in this dark teaser photo, the 2015/2016 Honda Ridgeline is going to adopt a more rounded front fascia and an overall more aerodynamic silhouette together with a steeply raked windscreen. The C-pillar seems to be more upright while the bed has a more conventional appearance.

Source: Honda

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