Infiniti QX60 gets mafia-approved looks from LARTE Design

What we have here is LARTE Design’s vision of a sinister-looking Infiniti QX60 which would be more than appropriate as a mafia car. The Russian aftermarket company fitted the SUV with a body kit made out of PU RIM which comes with a revised front grille that has widely spaced struts as well as a grille insert in the front apron. In addition, there are dual fog lamps as well as five square LED cubes doing their job as daytime running lights (DRL). Moving at the back, the vehicle comes nicely equipped with a quad exhaust arrangement made from stainless steel and built into the rear bumper.

Infiniti QX60 by LARTE Design-1

This Infiniti QX60 by LARTE Design comes with the tuner’s very own 22-inch alloy wheel set featuring a matte black look just like the rest of the car and with a double spoke layout. There is a lot of room between the spokes as the tuner wanted to show off the QX60’s disc brakes and calipers.

Infiniti QX60 by LARTE Design-2

Source: LARTE Design

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