Kinght Luxury tunes the Maybach 57S

What we have here is an upgraded version of the Maybach 57S developed by American aftermarket specialists from Knight Luxury. The vehicle comes equipped with the same AMG 12-cylinder twin-turbo engine but its output has been increased from the series 612 HP to an impressive 712 HP. The additional 100 HP was obtained by mounting a bespoke exhaust system featuring valve control. The high-performance luxury German sedan now sits on huge 24-inch alloys wrapped around in 285/30 R24 tires from Pirelli. It benefits from an electronic level control of the suspension and has gained an underbody lightning system with 10 LEDs.

Maybach 57S by Knight Luxury-1

The exterior wears a lot of carbon fiber as the boot lid, doors, hood, A-, B- and C-pillars were made from this lightweight and expensive material which can also be found on the engine cover as well as the air filter boxes. The cabin features a dashboard covered in leather and there’s diamond stitching on the inside of the doors, foot space and door sills. Many of the stock interior components were replaced with ones made from carbon fiber.
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Knight Luxury didn’t stop there as they also mounted two iPads, an Apple keyboard and TV module, together with integrating LTE connectivity, a dashboard camera and a GPS tracking module.

The tuner didn’t disclose an exact price tag but they did say anyone interested should have around 1M to spare.

Source: Knight Luxury

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