Make Your Ford Ranger A One In A Million

The Ford F-Series has long been the most popular type of vehicle in the United States of America, and the very fine jewel in the middle of that crown has always been the Ford Ranger. The Ford Ranger is the High School Homecoming King of middle America, a beast that mixes practicality, power, and rugged good looks.

Ford Ranger
2015 Ford Ranger facelift

But popularity often comes with a flaw, and in the case of the Ranger, it is the fact everyone has one. You aren’t unique, you aren’t different, you are a sheep and not a shepherd, which begs the question; what is the best way to customize your Ford Ranger?

Well, we have scoured the internet and spoken to petrolheads, and here are our top tips for making your one in five truck a million in one beast.

Shed Its Original Skin

There are a thousand different shades of color to choose from and just as many different types of paints, yet Ford’s standard colors stick to just a few. So if you want your Ranger to stand out from the crowd then you need to start with the paint. You don’t have to go wild, wacky or incredibly out there. You could go with a matte black paint to give your vehicle something rough and ready, sexy and sleek. Alternatively, why not chuck a pearlescent paint on it, something that looks green from one angle and a nice silky purple from another, a paint that changes in the light, sort like a chameleon.


Upgrade Your Shoes

It has only been in the last few years that manufacturers have realized what a difference a set of rims can do to a car’s appearance. A great example of this is Volkswagon. They started adding cool and stand out rims as standard long before any other everyday car. But as cool as they are, ‘standard’ still means ‘the same’. That’s why you want to add some custom rims of your own. Stick to the same size, go a couple of inches bigger, it doesn’t matter. What does is that you pick something that will pop and something that makes others stop.


Around The Outside

When it comes to truck accessories, nothing is more subtle and more standout than new steps or running boards. Not only is this a practical

upgrade, though, one that will stop you slipping when it’s raining or muddy or both, it is also a cool upgrade, a cool customization. You see, adding that little bit of width and authority to the flanks of your Ranger gives it more size and, in the truck game, size is power; it is authority. You may be hesitant now, but the moment you see that little bit of extra width get added you’ll be so happy you listened.


Light It Up

The best thing about upgrading the lights on your Ranger is the variety. A light bar on the roof with four to six strip lamps lined-up, neon lights under your chassis, LED lights locked into position under your hood, new brake lights, or a tail light or even a spotlight. Each of these will add to the importance of your truck, it will add to the character and personality and it will add to its uniqueness. So don’t hold back, bring that extra bit of menace to your machine and light it up.

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