McLaren finalizes P1 production

McLaren has revealed P1 production has come to an end after the assembly of the 375th and final car. When production of the model started in the summer of 2013, all the units were already pre-sold and according to company no two cars are the same as each was tailored to the customer’s specifications. Assembling one car required 17 days of work from 105 people and the build time stood at around 800 hours. In the paint shop, the P1 required from 5 to 8 liters of base coat color along with about 8 to 9 liters of lacquer. In some cases, completing the paint job required as much as 5 days.

First and final McLaren P1
First and final McLaren P1

Besides the 375 production cars, McLaren also made 3 pre-production units, 5 validation prototypes and 13 experimental prototypes. The company did 385,250 miles during development and more than a third was conducted on racetracks from all over the globe.

McLaren mentions they are about to finalize production of the track-only P1 GTR in the coming weeks, but they don’t say how many will be made. From what we have heard, around 50 units have been acquired by wealthy customers.

First and final McLaren P1

Getting back to the road-going P1, 34% of the cars were sold to customers from The Americas, another 26% to Europeans, along with 13% to clients from the Middle East and Africa, while the remaining 27% are from the Asia Pacific area.

Source: McLaren

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