McLaren launches 2016 650S with more standard equipment

McLaren has introduced the 2016 650S Coupe and Spider with additional standard kit. All of the cars now come generously equipped with numerous carbon fiber bits and pieces such as the side skirts, front splitter, intakes, rear bumper and side mirror caps which previously were all optional as the customer had to pay $22,500. Those who are willing to pay more and go for the Enhanced Technology Package should know that McLaren has added electric seats, parking sensors, rearview camera and the much handy electrically-operated front vehicle lifter.

2016 McLaren 650S
2016 McLaren 650S

In terms of pricing, the 2016 650S Coupe begins in United States from $271,900 whereas the Spider kicks off at $286,900. At an additional cost, there is an optional Track Telemetry App priced at $2,800 which among other features has a data-logging system while for an extra $1,300 you can get Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires tailored mostly for track use.
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McLaren has added ten fresh body paints for the 2016 model year and they will begin deliveries in December this year. It should be mentioned that compared to the previous model year, the starting price has increased by approximately $4,000 for both Coupe and Spider body styles, but now you get a lot more kit.

Source: McLaren

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