Mercedes-Benz CL500 prepared by Wrap Works

An unheard-of tuning company from Germany by the name of Wrap Works has decided to prepare an upgrade program for the latest generation, pre-facelift version of the Mercedes-Benz CL 500. Their first step was to foil wrap the sleek coupe in a rather unattractive and uninspiring matte white film featuring acid green accents and stripes for the roof, profile, hood, rear apron and mirror caps. In addition, they also ditched the car’s star on the hood and replaced it with a custom logo. Wrap Works also tinted the head and tail lights with special films and mounted a new set of 21-inch alloys from Lorinser with 255/30 R21 tires up front and 285/30 R21 tires at the back.

They also took care of the engine a little bit by tweaking the ECU and installing their in-house custom exhaust system which has increased the output of the V8 from the standard 382 hp (387 PS) and 391 lb-ft (530 Nm) to 404 hp (410 PS) and 406 lb-ft (550 Nm) of torque. By removing the coupe’s electronic top speed limiter, the car is now able to hit 174 mph (280 km/h).

If you want the performance tuning prepare to pay 1,200 euros or $1,592, while the foil wrapping will set you back a steep 2,850 euros or $3,780.

Source: Wrap Works

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