Minerva J.M. Brabazon supercar breaks cover

Unknown automaker Minerva has announced the J.M. Brabazon supercar which has received its name after a British racing driver. The vehicle benefits from a carbon Kevlar body and a monocoque chassis manufactured from carbon fiber.

In terms of styling, it doesn’t have any original lines but overall the design is pleasant thanks to a prominent front fascia, ventilated rear bumper, a sporty diffuser, dual exhaust setup, LED headlights and 19-inch front / 20-inch rear alloy wheels.

Minerva J.M. Brabazon-1
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As far as power is concerned, the Minerva J.M. Brabazon has a V12 twin-turbo engine working together with two electric motors which are motivating the front axle. The manufacturer says the vehicle also boasts a limited slip differential, a sequential transmission, intelligent drive controller with five modes (economy, normal, sport, race and safe), together with regenerative brakes. Reports say the car will be able to achieve a maximum speed of more than 248 mph (400 km/h).

Source: Autofans.be

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