Mitsubishi CS-21 concept rendered

Gabor Farkas is the author of the Mitsubishi CS-21 Concept which he envisions as a successor of the Mitsubishi Colt supermini. The original render dates back to 2011 but now he had implemented a series of revisions to keep the concept fresh and attractive. The new variant takes its inspiration from the early 1990s Colt/Mirage but at the same time with a few styling ideas implemented recently by Mitsubishi on the latest Mirage, with several conservative styles and shapes.

Mitsubishi CS-21 concept-1

He describes that the trapezoidal shape of the front air intake, the oval headlights and taillights, together with the roofline are borrowed from the 90s Colt/Mirage. He mentions that this project is an attempt to make a modern-looking car based on an old shape. The “21” name in the moniker comes from the fact that the model is celebrating this year its 21th anniversary.

Source: Carscoops

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