Mitsubishi introduces eX concept at Tokyo Motor Show

After an online reveal earlier this month, the Mitsubishi eX concept has made its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in Japan. We are looking at a fully electric crossover that could preview the next generation ASX scheduled to come out in 2016 with a design that will be heavily influenced by this concept which uses the company’s latest interpretation of the Dynamic Shield front combined with double LED headlights. It certainly has a bold appearance and has received interesting taillights shaped like a boomerang while instead of conventional side mirrors it comes with cameras. We also notice the suicide doors with recessed handles along with your typical set of oversized wheels.

Mitsubishi eX concept
Mitsubishi eX concept

Mitsubishi doesn’t specify what exactly powers the eX concept but they do say it has a next-generation electric vehicle powertrain and comes with an all-wheel drive setup. It’s also got numerous safety and assistance systems along with autonomous driving technology while inside the cabin most of the physical buttons and dials have been replaced by several touchscreen displays that provide access to all of the car’s functions.
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Getting back to the ASX, it will likely be introduced in March 2016 at the Geneva Motor Show and hopefully it won’t stray away too far from this concept.

Source: Mitsubishi

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