Mitsubishi eX concept announced

The Mitsubishi eX concept will be one of the main stars late this month at the Tokyo Motor Show in Japan. The latest in an endless string of concepts, the eX is an all-electric compact crossover which according to the company has a design that will influence future products. It has a revised Dynamic Shield front fascia and adopts suicide doors while the sloped roofline gives it a sporty appearance, especially when looking at the vehicle from its sides. It has received LED technology for both front and rear lighting clusters and comes with recessed door handles.

Mitsubishi eX concept
Mitsubishi eX concept

Also noticeable are the partially transparent C pillars, large alloy wheel set and an uncluttered interior cabin with very few buttons as these have been replaced by large touchscreen display and there’s also a fully digital instrument cluster. Despite its relatively small size, the Mitsubishi eX concept seems to have plenty of room in the back for the rear passengers and accessing those rear seats is very easy to do thanks to the suicide doors.
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According to Mitsubishi, the concept is powered by a next generation all-electric hardware working together with a full-time all-wheel drive system. They also say the eX concept has active safety hardware and autonomous driving technologies, but more details are not available at this point.

Source: Mitsubishi

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