Ford reveals Fiesta eWheelDrive concept

The Fiesta eWheelDrive concept is the end result of collaboration between Ford and Schaeffler. It was conceived to analyze the prospects of in-wheel electric motors as the vehicle has two rear hubs which combine motor, braking and cooling systems into just one unit. As you would imagine, this configuration frees significant space that normally would be occupied by the transmission and engine. They haven’t released any details about the vehicle’s performance, but it seems the concept has a combined output of 110 HP (81 kW) and 516 lb-ft (700 Nm) of torque.

Ford believes this concept could be a step forward for the development of four-person cars which would end up occupying the space of a two-person car. They also describe the eWheelDrive as a method for exploring new zero-emission vehicle development which includes good maneuverability and efficient packaging.

Source: Ford

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