Why Is the Ford Fiesta the UK’s Most Popular Car?

In the summer of 2014 the Ford Fiesta officially became the best-selling car of all time in Great Britain after 38 years on the market. Ask a sample of ten UK car owners and it’d be surprising if at least one of them didn’t own one of the many versions of this acclaimed vehicle.

Not every version of the Fiesta has been hailed a classic yet it has remained extremely popular, consistently leading car sales throughout the past four or so decades. So what is it about this car that has helped it sell so well?

Ford Fiesta Red and Black Editions-1


As a supermini the Ford Fiesta needed to be affordable to become a success. Now in its seventh generation, relatively it is still as affordable as when it launched, both in terms of price and fuel economy. Most new versions are far heavier than the original Mk1 but also give back almost double the mpg of the original.

New Ford Fiestas have also been released at the right time. Even during financial slumps their sales have remained steady due to attractive prices, decent quality and sheer popularity. Leasing options through places such as LeaseCar.co.uk have made brand new models affordable for those on a tighter budget too.


Few things become so popular without good reason and the Ford Fiesta has plenty to back up its popularity. A reliable runner, the fact so many people drive them encourages those looking for new vehicles that they must be good, reliable cars. Word of mouth soon spreads too and the car’s genuine reliability furthers its appeal. With so many produced and on the roads parts and insurance are cheap as well. Feedback from faults has led to further improvements on newer models, helping it go from strength to strength.


From its boxy origins to the sleek and modern design of its latest incarnation, the Ford Fiesta has always been in fashion. Numerous variations of each model has made it popular as everything from a family car to a souped up boy racer.

Never possessing any bold features that may put off potential owners, settling on a solid base and updating it to a more rounded and now swished back look has kept the Fiesta’s aesthetic stylish. Even the older Mk 1 and 2 models now hold a certain amount of retro appeal. It may not be British owned but the Ford Fiesta has become a staple of the country’s automobile landscape.

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