‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ Couple Drives and Rides a Chevy – Chevrolet Tahoe SUV

The Mr. and Mrs. Smith couple, needless to say, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is a Hollywood powerhouse couple who were spotted driving a Chevrolet Tahoe SUV as stated in various celebrity car blogs.

And we came to wonder, what is in this Chevy model get THE ‘brangelina’ loving to drive and ride on it?


Sightings on their Chevys

The A-list on and off air tandem of Brad and Angelina has once again gained the public’s interest when news came out that both of them was actually seen (on two different events) driving (Pitt) and riding (Jolie) a Chevrolet Tahoe SUV.

‘Mr. Smith’ was seen to have driven his way to the world’s number one fast food chain, McDonald’s branch, in a black Chevy.  Since Brad is actually known to owning an impressive motorcycle collection, the ones like Ducati Desmosedici RR, a Monster 696 and a jaw dropping selection of Harley-Davidson choppers, having seen him in a practically affordable not-so-pricey Chevy had some to wonder if Pitt was having monetary problems of some sort.  Uh-oh, that is not just the right thought.  A lot of people would certainly cut that idea fast. And I would have to agree on that.  I personally think that this move by Brad to drive a Chevy of this kind sends a clear message to every one of us; Brad does not care about what he is driving and that we can call modesty.

Surely, money problem is never on for ‘Mrs. Smith’ as well.  Forbes Magazine has just released its list of highest-paid actresses for 2013, and unsurprisingly, the upcoming film Maleficent star Angelina Jolie took the top spot with a $33 million entertainment-related earnings from June 2012 to June this year.  This goes to show that spotting Angelina riding a Chevrolet Tahoe SUV a couple of years ago when she visited New Orleans to check on the houses she and Brad funded to build for the victims of hurricane Katrina, proves that like her partner, she also does not care about what she is riding.  On the technical side, seeing Angie in that Chevy indicates that its high-level of performance and styling can provide smooth traveling experience during long-distance driving.

Reasons to love this Chevy like Brad and Angelina

Style, comfort, and capability – these are the main traits the then and now Chevrolet Tahoe models have that make it practically perfect.  But what makes the 2014 Chevrolet Tahoe extra impressive and special are its strength and capability to pull off anything.  Its newest tagline ‘beyond capable’ gives a promise of a performance with no limitations.  Ensuring that from the hustle and bustle of daily commute to weekend excursions, this Chevy will be at its best.  You can see the Tahoe and its technical details at Shop Lynch of Wisconsin.

As one of Hollywood’s most in demand couple (and even as individuals), Brad and Angelina go from here to there and everywhere to attend various engagements.  That leaves us no doubt why they were seen in their Chevys, because these vehicles are just like them – not afraid to work overtime and deal with heavy-duty lifestyle.

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