Next Ferrari California could get a turbocharged engine

British car magazine Autocar is reporting that the next generation of the Ferrari California could be offered with a turbocharged engine. They have taken a series of photographs with a test car and they say it sounded pretty much like a turbocharged engine, most likely a new V8 power plant currently in the works at Maranello.

There were various signs of this turbo V8 as the car was showing a raised hood line and also had more cooling vents. A turbo engine generally needs more space under the hood and a better heat management.

There are a few insiders who disagree with these speculations based on the non-typical exhaust layout of the test mule car which was a necessity in order to lower noise emissions at the Fiorano test track. At that location there are pretty strict operating regulations in order to keep local residents happy.

Getting back to this V8 engine, it will probably be a slightly different version of the twin-turbo 3.8-liter unit found in the recently unveiled Maserati Quattroporte. Even though it appeared for the first time in a car wearing a Maserati badge, Ferrari says the engine is entirely theirs and they spent 40 million pounds during its development at Maranello.

Source: Autocar

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