Porsche offering new Michelin tires for Carrera GT

Porsche built only 1,270 units of its former supercar flagship model, the Carrera GT. Now, after more than seven years since production was ended, Porsche has announced a new type of tires designed in collaboration with Michelin exclusively for this model.

These are in fact Pilot Super Sport tires measuring 265/35 ZR19 at the front axle and 335/30 ZR20 for the rear wheels and are known as PSS tires with the “N0” rating which promises to bring several benefits to one of the most exciting supercars ever made.


First of all, Porsche and Michelin say that a Carrera GT equipped with these tires will have an increased stability and better handling. Second of all, fuel consumption should be down by 10 percent while the vehicle is used on regular public roads, while when it’s tackling the racetracks it should be reduced by 20 percent. Lastly, a Carrera GT with these tires should brake more efficiently.

Source: Porsche & Michelin

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