Preempt Car Accidents With These Top Tips

Car accidents are awful things, and where most resources tend to help inform you of varying ways to get back into driving after an accident, there aren’t too many that can help you avoid them in the first place. Although pure chance has a hand in all things road based, it is also dictated by you and the way you conduct yourself on the road. You can find ways to help lower the chances of a crash in this article, which you can apply as you see fit.

Car Accident

Avoid Driving After Any Alcohol

There are limits for a reason, which can help you understand the effects of alcohol. But even the smallest amounts of alcohol can cost you that extra millisecond in the thought making process on the road which can of course lead to a crash. Even if you have a drink or two, make sure you don’t go over the limit, otherwise you’ll be forking out for a top notch lawyer like The Law Offices of Kevin J. Roach, LLC. Try to avoid mixing your drinks and never say yes to that extra one. The best bet is to avoid drinking and driving all together, although the limit may suggest otherwise, different volumes affect people in different ways.

Don’t Drive A Compromised Car


What does compromised mean? Things like low tread depth on tires. Or a misfiring engine. Things like this can increase your chances of accident astronomically. If an engine cuts out or splutters as you drive then it could distract you, and worn tires have no grip, so they can easily skid across wet ground and again, cause a crash. If you know nothing about cars then your best bet it following a trained mechanic’s advice. It is fairly easy to measure the tread depth on a tire however and should not be too much of a problem for you.


Use Quality Parts


It can be all too easy to choose cheaper, less effective car parts. Sure, it may save you some money, but you’ll just need to replace the parts far sooner and the weaker products could give out on the road, especially if you are someone who needs to commute every day and drive often as a result.


Drive Defensively


Road rage causing thousands of accidents and crashes each year, as does driving in an aggressive manner. You can stop this by only driving defensively. Aggressive driving gets you nowhere faster, so if you start to feel the anger building just try to calm yourself and don’t give in. You will be able to do it if you put your mind to it. Just think, driving like this could cause an accident. It involves keeping your speed down, and keeping a general safe distance between yourself and the car in front can also stop accidents. Be aware, keep the music down and try to listen to your surroundings, make sure you use all of the mirrors, especially if you’re on the motorway. You can find more defensive driving tips here.


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