When and How to Say Goodbye to Your Car

Some lucky people get to keep their car for what seems like forever. Look at Irv Gordon with his beautiful 1966 Volvo that has lasted over three million miles.

It has its original engine and everything. Well, lucky you, Irv.

As for the rest of us, there will most likely come a time where we have to say goodbye to our car.

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It can be tough moving on from your car. Sure, it’s an inanimate object. But cars tend to hold a lot of memories. It’s of especially significant value if it was your first car. Many people go through important formational years in their vehicles. Often, that car was their companion during college. So it’s understandable that many people are reluctant to give up on a car even when it’s exhausted its use.

But it’s important to put sentimentality to one side. If your car has to go, it has to go.


If you’re not actually using the car, you should probably get rid of it. There are many people out there who keep their car around despite infrequent use. This costs quite a bit of money; after all, you still have to pay the insurance! But if you’ve found yourself walking or using public transport instead of using your car, consider getting rid of it.

If your car is in particularly bad condition, then it will need frequent repairs. And those repairs can cost a lot of money. An half-functioning car can be a massive drain on the wallet as well as an unreliable ride. If you’re pouring too much cash into repairs, you may want to move on. Same goes for cars that aren’t eco-friendly. If it’s an expensive gas-guzzler, you’ll want something cheaper.

Are you sure?

Of course, you don’t want to rush this decision. Many people will convince themselves that their car is a piece of junk just because they really want to buy a new one.

Think about it carefully. Don’t just use “it’s old” as an excuse. If it’s still running well and you use it often, you should probably stick with it. The exception here is if it’s the aforementioned gas-guzzler. In which case, you should replace it with something more eco-friendly.


Some people hold on to a car that doesn’t run anymore simply because they don’t know how to get rid of it. After all, who’s going to buy a non-functioning car? In this case, you’ll probably need to take it to a junk yard. There are junk car removal services that will actually pay you for it. After all, it’s still valuable material!

Selling to another driver

Even if your car isn’t running anymore, there’s a chance someone might buy it. But your chances are obviously going to be stronger if it’s still running. Selling your car is the best option unless your car is basically junk. If you’re in a hurry to sell, you’ll probably want to consider a third-party car vendor. If not, you could just advertise your car on somewhere like eBay. Give it a thorough clean, making it look as beautiful as you possibly can. Make sure your description is absolutely accurate and honest. Do not skip any faults!

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