Smart fourjoy concept revealed

This is the Smart fourjoy concept which will be shown to the public next week at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Right from the start you will notice that it lacks a rear window, roof and doors as Smart considered them to be “unnecessary ballast”. The vehicle is 3494mm long, 1978mm wide and 1494mm tall, while the design takes cues from two previous concepts released by Smart, the for-us and Forstars. It has received glass-less headlamps with incorporated LED daytime running lights. It also comes with a pronounced tridion cell and futuristic front seats matched with a special rear bench.

Smart fourjoy concept-1
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Smart installed a rather peculiar dashboard that has a honeycomb structure together with a solid instrument panel support manufactured from transparent and illuminated Plexiglas. Motivation is provided by a 74 bhp electric motor working in tandem with a lithium-ion battery that has a capacity of 17.6 kWh. Once the battery is depleted, it can be charged in one hour from a public charging station or wallbox. It takes 7 hours to fill it from a household socket.

Source: Smart

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