Why You Suddenly Hate High Performance Cars When You’re Riding Your Motorcycle

If you own and love your motorcycle, then the change in season is probably be calling you to ride. Long, lazy days were made for that head-clearing ride out of town. Whether you ride solo, or you’re with a friend, the joy of being on that bike is enough to make you smile. Or does it fill you with dread? Of all the vehicles sharing that road with you, chances are the high-performance sports car is the one that you look out for the most. Isn’t it funny how the thing you love can suddenly be a symbol of everything you hate?

You’re Sweating Your ***s Off

It’s hot. Summer is definitely here, and all the speed in the world isn’t making you any cooler. The sun is literally roasting you inside your leathers. Then something sleek and sporty pulls up next to you at the junction. It’s got tinted windows, and the guy in the front couldn’t be more comfortable in his air-conditioned bliss. Remember the old days, before universal climate control, and the hell of sitting in a roasting car in summer? Long gone, just like the guy in his car while you’ve been sat there idling with jealousy.

You Can’t Feel The Breeze In Your Hair

Let’s face it – helmets are lifesavers. Of course, they’re a legal requirement in most places too. But they mean the fate of your hair is unlikely to be good. Helmet hair is bad enough. Add the sweat and heat from a hot day, and you’re not going to be looking good when you take the lid off. Gone are the days where you can feel the breeze in your hair. Now the guys in the high-end convertibles are making the most of that with their tops down. Envy?

Summer Gives You Leather Rash

Perhaps the worst part about wearing your biking gear in blistering heat is that actual blisters it can deliver. In the very least you’ll be getting a bit of a rash from the lack of air circulating under your leathers. Have a look at websites like http://www.webmd.boots.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/guide/contact-dermatitis to find something that might reduce the discomfort. Meanwhile, the car full of teens driving Daddy’s TT are loving the top down and wild wind as they’re speeding alongside you down the road.

The **** In The Car Fancies A Race

Of course, summer seems to bring out the idiots. You’re on a high-performance motorcycle, and he’s in a high-performance sports model. He edges up to the line while you’re waiting for the light to go green. The revs are roaring louder and louder, and he’s making some sort of hand gesture that seems indicative of his IQ. All that’s going to happen is he’s going to fishtail right in front of you while you’re trying not to inhale all those fumes and tire smoke.

The **** In The Car Decides You’re A ****

OK, the point of being on a motorcycle is to get through the traffic with ease. You’re small, and he’s big. So what does he do? He catches up with you and starts shouting, gesturing, and weaving in front of you to scare the life out of you. Sure, you admire the car, but the guy in it is a dangerous idiot who’s going to end up causing an accident. If he does hit your motorcycle, you should look up websites like http://www.caseyshomolaw.com/west-palm-beach-motorcycle-accident-lawyer/ to see the best course of action. You’re very prone to injury from any kind of mishap on a motorcycle. Accident or not, you’re going to need to legal help to make sure you’re OK.

You Get A Face Full Of Exhaust

You never fully realize just how thick and stinking the exhaust can be from a high-performance car. Driving them is great. You can feel the power under the hood, and you can hear the process of acceleration. But when you’re on your motorcycle, and you’re behind one of these beauties, the face full of fumes can put you off for life!

Wide Cars Take Up Half The Road To Make A Turn

We all know that the fastest cars are low to the ground. They’re wider and more aerodynamic than your standard family hatch. And yes, they’re designed to go forwards at incredible speeds. That doesn’t mean they can’t turn left and right. Why is it that so many drivers find it necessary to take up half the road to make an easy turn? Just as you think you can weave past them on your motorcycle, they suddenly swerve out to get around a corner. If you’re not careful, you’ll be in the back of them!

The **** In The Car Doesn’t Even See You

Motorbikes are smaller than cars. They are faster than cars. And they’re definitely more maneuverable than cars. But they’re not invisible. They’re not silent, and they have human riders on the back. Perhaps the worst nightmare for the motorcyclist is the self-absorbed **** in the high-performance sports car who’s pushing the accelerator and doesn’t even spot you. That’s when disaster can strike. It doesn’t have to be at a junction or even an accident hot spot.

So how can you make the most of your ride without getting riled up about every other driver out there? You can’t always expect every other driver to make concessions for you. Sure, you want to ride like there’s nobody else out there. You want to push the engine and test your mettle. The trouble is, there’s probably someone else on the road wanting to do the same thing, and if the two of you collide, it could be disastrous. There is a time and place for that, so make sure you choose wisely.

As for our beloved sports cars, maybe it’s best to admire the view from a bit of distance. Most drivers love their car as much as you love yours. In most cases, you’ll have no bother. But you don’t want to get caught up with anyone tempted to race you. And you definitely don’t want to be on the receiving end of any testosterone or adrenaline fueled road rage. Take it easy, enjoy the ride, and be safe.


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