It’s no accident that the Subaru Outback has repeatedly been voted as the best family car model. With its five-star safety features, you cannot go wrong with Subaru and it’s because of these safety features that your vehicle will last you longer than the average vehicle out there.

2016 Subaru Outback

Subaru brought out their EyeSight safety suite to their vehicles. EyeSight is camera-based driver-assist technology, which gives you an extra pair of eyes on the road to be able to drive safely. Of course, you can never control other drivers on the road or influence how they drive, but with EyeSight in your car you can ensure your own driving is as safe as possible. Adaptive cruise control, object pre-collision braking and active braking are only a few of the features available and affordable with EyeSight and for the family car, these are now necessities.

Subaru do amazingly well with their safety crash tests and it’s no surprise, what with all the features that go along with it. Here we’ve listed for you some of the features you can find in a Subaru model that go a long way toward keeping you safe:

Advanced Airbags: Did you know that Subaru vehicles are equipped with supplemental restraint systems? The airbags they use are up to date with the latest technology, purely to keep you safe. The sensors are sensitive enough to deploy one or more of the airbags in the car depending on the impact of the crash. It’s for this reason that when you go for Subaru servicing, always get your sensors and airbags checked out. You can switch off the airbags in the front of the vehicle if the front seat is occupied by a child in a car seat, but always get them switched back on when the car seat is moved from the front.

Disconnecting Boxer Engine: Subaru vehicles are renowned for their boxer engine, which you can read more about here. If you have a collision, your engine placement can determine the damage to you and your car. The Subaru boxer engine disconnects in the event of a crash, and sits low enough to slide out from under the car once it disconnects. This then prevents the engine from being thrusted into the cabin if there is an accident and can mean better results for the passengers.

Anti-Lock Braking: Subaru are fantastic cars for all-wheel drive, but no matter how steady your drive, you’re still at risk on slippery road conditions. With an anti-lock braking system, Subaru prevents wheels from locking by pulsing braking power quickly. This then helps to gain a grip on the road and is a life-saving feature for a car.

Your safety in your car is important and should never be taken for granted. With a Subaru Outback, Impreza or Forester, you can ensure your comfort and safety in your vehicle. You’ll never look back once you’ve researched the ANCAP safety features. Head to your nearest dealership and take a model for a test drive today.

When you think of Subaru, what are the first few words that come to mind? For us it is symmetrical all-wheel drive, reliability and safety just for starters.

When Subaru revealed their new concept of the Viziv, it left a bit of car enthusiasts a bit confused on their “future” direction.

The Viziv stands for Vision for Innovation, a phrase that Subaru hopes will stick with everyone who first catches a glimpse of this completely different crossover.

Subaru Viziv

A lot of people are likely to question if Subaru really needs to explore the idea of changing their designs? As the saying goes why fix which is not broken? The design cues are very different from the Subaru models we now see today, the closest comparison in designs wouldn’t even be to a Subaru model, but more comparable to the Nissan Rogue.

With growing popularity in the Crossover Segment, in all honesty there is no greater time for any automaker to take risks, and attempt to create a new innovative look for that segment. The Nissan Rogue has done incredibly well, as has the Mazda CX-5. So it would be safe to assume that with the Subaru name on a crossover like the Viziv it will be able to at least compete with these other models. Then again it would be hard to believe that Subaru would be able to get away with completely redesigning the Impreza, Legacy and even Forester. These are their bread and butter, there money makers. But who knows?

Truth is we can’t even be certain that this concept will even make it out of the concept phase, and will even make it to the manufacturing floor. Our opinion on the matter is that Subaru is just testing the reactions, and the limits of not just car critics and enthusiasts, but consumers. How will they react when they see this totally new look? What do you think? You should take the time to voice your opinion! You can either go to the Facebook page of Subaru, or just contact your local Subaru dealer, like Tindol Subaru.  Have them pass the word on.

Wow I really need to tell you guys that the 2014 Subaru Forester looks great.  The visual appeal a.k.a. the sexiness of it is so much better than the 2012 Forester.  It doesn’t look like a wagon anymore, and I just have to say thank you to the Subaru engineers because it looked very bad as a wagon.  It was shaped like a rectangle too much.  Now it has a square shape, but it looks good with its square shape.  People will appreciate the ride height but also they will appreciate the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.  Do you remember the times of the big V8 or V6 engines back in the last century and the early half of the last decade?  Well now this is the decade of four cylinder engines that get much better fuel economy.  It’s not unusual to see a vehicle of this size get low 20’s or mid 20’s when we are talking about miles per gallon.

Yes this vehicle probably would have been equipped with a V6 or even a V8 if we were back in the 1990’s or even the early 2000’s, but this is 2013 and gas prices are right near 4 dollars per gallon.  No wonder why this vehicle is equipped with a four cylinder.   Subaru is in touch with the people who want to save money on gas.  They know that people do not have much discretionary income and that people are getting squeezed because their salaries are staying the same and inflation is rampant, so they are doing everything they can to help people save money.

And of course with every year that passes, vehicles are getting more competitive, so the Forester has to keep its edge.  Since it was a 2012 top rated vehicle for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, I’m betting that the 2014 Forester will be in the same category, a top rated vehicle for the IIHS.  If you ask me what vehicle this crossover e=reminds me of, I would tell you a BMW X3.  Now of course I know the X3’s are much nicer because it is made from a luxury brand, but the outside shape of the vehicle kind of reminds me of the outside shape of that one.

Come down to Langhorne and visit Reedman Subaru in PA to see the Forester and our whole lineup of other cars.

There are a wide range of cars that will be released in 2013, but there are a few ones that are high on demand. One of the cars that is hitting the market is the Subaru WRX. This car is amazing due that it has a nice engine. It has a compact engine and is known for its great balance on the road. It should have 200 horsepower and is expected to reach up to 265 horsepower. It is the latest car and is economy efficient. It does not pollute the air as much as other cars. It is a car that is worth waiting for and it will hit the showrooms in early 2013. The car is expected to be priced at 27,000 and could be ranged to 28,000 if the there is an increase in demand for the car. This is a reasonable price for a new model car that will be launched in 2013.

2013 Subaru WRX

The interior and exterior of this car are designed by the Impreza Design and they have created a new and improved version  by their latest designs. There are nice headlights, a new tail lamp, fender flares, a huge wing for style at the back, and a carbon fiber hood that contains blacked out lamps which prevent fog from getting in the way of driving. The interior of the car has sport seating and the seats are covered with leather. There are aluminum inserts and three-spoke tires which make driving convenient to the buyer. Also you can Bluetooth songs, a navigation system is present and you can even hook up your iPod to the car to listen to your favorite music. An XM radio system provided by Sirius Company has a great sound system and you will have a blast driving this car.

2013 Subaru WRX

This ride does not weigh as much as the older version and is designed to give a new and improved look. This car has a great interior and exterior which is made from high quality materials. You can get different colors for your interior items if you wish. It can be designed based on the customer’s preferences. This car will be available in many colors such as red, blue and silver. You will be able to travel in style if you own this car. You should check out more details about the engine by doing some online research to understand if this car is right for you. It is a comfortable car that has upgraded technology that will not let you down on the job. You will be able to travel with your family because this car is very spacious and provides relaxation while you drive.