2014 Subaru Forester

Wow I really need to tell you guys that the 2014 Subaru Forester looks great.  The visual appeal a.k.a. the sexiness of it is so much better than the 2012 Forester.  It doesn’t look like a wagon anymore, and I just have to say thank you to the Subaru engineers because it looked very bad as a wagon.  It was shaped like a rectangle too much.  Now it has a square shape, but it looks good with its square shape.  People will appreciate the ride height but also they will appreciate the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.  Do you remember the times of the big V8 or V6 engines back in the last century and the early half of the last decade?  Well now this is the decade of four cylinder engines that get much better fuel economy.  It’s not unusual to see a vehicle of this size get low 20’s or mid 20’s when we are talking about miles per gallon.

Yes this vehicle probably would have been equipped with a V6 or even a V8 if we were back in the 1990’s or even the early 2000’s, but this is 2013 and gas prices are right near 4 dollars per gallon.  No wonder why this vehicle is equipped with a four cylinder.   Subaru is in touch with the people who want to save money on gas.  They know that people do not have much discretionary income and that people are getting squeezed because their salaries are staying the same and inflation is rampant, so they are doing everything they can to help people save money.

And of course with every year that passes, vehicles are getting more competitive, so the Forester has to keep its edge.  Since it was a 2012 top rated vehicle for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, I’m betting that the 2014 Forester will be in the same category, a top rated vehicle for the IIHS.  If you ask me what vehicle this crossover e=reminds me of, I would tell you a BMW X3.  Now of course I know the X3’s are much nicer because it is made from a luxury brand, but the outside shape of the vehicle kind of reminds me of the outside shape of that one.

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