Subaru’s Next-Gen Crossover, Viziv

When you think of Subaru, what are the first few words that come to mind? For us it is symmetrical all-wheel drive, reliability and safety just for starters.

When Subaru revealed their new concept of the Viziv, it left a bit of car enthusiasts a bit confused on their “future” direction.

The Viziv stands for Vision for Innovation, a phrase that Subaru hopes will stick with everyone who first catches a glimpse of this completely different crossover.

Subaru Viziv

A lot of people are likely to question if Subaru really needs to explore the idea of changing their designs? As the saying goes why fix which is not broken? The design cues are very different from the Subaru models we now see today, the closest comparison in designs wouldn’t even be to a Subaru model, but more comparable to the Nissan Rogue.

With growing popularity in the Crossover Segment, in all honesty there is no greater time for any automaker to take risks, and attempt to create a new innovative look for that segment. The Nissan Rogue has done incredibly well, as has the Mazda CX-5. So it would be safe to assume that with the Subaru name on a crossover like the Viziv it will be able to at least compete with these other models. Then again it would be hard to believe that Subaru would be able to get away with completely redesigning the Impreza, Legacy and even Forester. These are their bread and butter, there money makers. But who knows?

Truth is we can’t even be certain that this concept will even make it out of the concept phase, and will even make it to the manufacturing floor. Our opinion on the matter is that Subaru is just testing the reactions, and the limits of not just car critics and enthusiasts, but consumers. How will they react when they see this totally new look? What do you think? You should take the time to voice your opinion! You can either go to the Facebook page of Subaru, or just contact your local Subaru dealer, like Tindol Subaru.  Have them pass the word on.

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