Tesla Model S restyled by Unplugged Performance

Those of you who own a Tesla Model S and are not completely satisfied with the car’s design might want to contact Unplugged Performance as the tuners from California have created a new styling program which makes the car look considerably more aggressive. If you are willing to pay $995, you will be able to acquire a front lip spoiler while for an additional $1,450 you could also get aerodynamic side skirts. Also part of the package is a rear diffuser priced at $1,550 along with a spoiler mounted on the trunk which adds $895 to the final bill.

Telsa Model S by Unplugged Performance-1

Unplugged Performance specifies these visual upgrades for the Tesla Model S will be following shortly by not only suspension tweaks but also performance boosts which should make the electric sedan an even more desirable vehicle to own.
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Source: Bulletproof Automotive

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