Tesla Motors surpasses Model S target, axes 40 kWh battery

The American premium EV manufacturer Tesla Motors is happy to announce that they were able to exceed the sales target set in February. At that point they told shareholders that in the first quarter of the year they will deliver 4,500 cars but in the end they managed to sell an additional 250 units beyond that target.

Q1 was the firm’s first ever profitable quarter, even though Tesla received some negative publicity from The New York Times during the long-disputed and controversial test drive taken by one of the newspaper’s editors.

Tesla Motors has announced the entry-level 40 kWh battery pack will not enter production due to the reason that demand for this base model is limited. Those who opted for the Model S in this configuration will be upgraded for free to the 60 kWh but this will be limited to the range of the 40 kWh. However, top speed and acceleration will be maintained at the levels of the 60 kWh pack.

Tesla also said in the official press release that all 60 kWh-equipped models produced so far were configured with the Supercharger hardware.

Source: Tesla Motors

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