The Love Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Have for Each Other, and a Jeep

The American singer, songwriter and actor Samuel Timothy “Tim” McGraw (born May 1, 1967) married American country pop singer Faith Hill (born Audrey Faith Perry; September 21, 1967) on October 6, 1996 in Rayville, Louisiana.

Sure thing, this couple had their sweet times together to tell the public, but what I personally found cute was their story about riding a Jeep Wrangler (1978 CJ-6) back then and up to now.


The red Jeep Wrangler (1978 CJ-6) they eventually owned

Sometime earlier than their wedding day, Tim and Faith had borrowed a red Jeep Wrangler (1978 CJ-6) when they were still dating and had it driven around.  After a few years of being married, Faith found that very same Jeep Wrangler and gave it to Tim as a present.  We can almost imagine her husband’s reaction realizing that, it was the exact vehicle they used to ride on as sweethearts during their yesteryears.

In an interview, Faith Hill said that in State College, Pennsylvania in 1996, she was doing a show with Tim when they borrowed that Jeep and rode on it, and she was quoted saying: “…and that’s where we decided that we were going to be together and build a life together.”

Tim McGraw also had a fair share of their sweet Jeep story.  He said that “Faith and I were touring our very first tour in ’96 and we just started dating and we were in Pennsylvania and one of the local crew guys let us borrow his Jeep. We went out for a ride and it’s when we kind of pulled the Jeep over on the road and had the ultimatum conversation – whether this was gonna be a relationship or not.”  Fast forward, it had been a relationship since then.  What is so moving about what happened was the effort Faith had pulled off just to track that Jeep Wrangler down and eventually gave it to her husband as a gift.  An act of pure love from Faith, certainly.

Jeep supported the Couple in their 2007 Soul2Soul Tour

Back in 2007 in Nashville, as the couple was standing next to their then owned red Jeep Wrangler outside the Country Music Hall of Fame, Tim and Faith had announced their Soul2Soul tour plans.  That move was so appropriate since a press release later stated that: “One of country music’s most celebrated love stories began with a date in a Jeep. So when reigning first couples Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were looking for a sponsor for their Soul2Soul Tour 2007, the Jeep brand was an obvious choice.”

When the tour started, Faith and Tim traveled with their red Jeep Wrangler (1978 CJ-6) or their “Date Jeep” as some have tagged it to be.  It is so touching that stories like theirs actually exist, true and so inspiring.  Who could have thought that a Jeep would be an accent to starting something really special like the love for which Tim and Faith have for each other? You can learn a lot more about the history of Jeep from visiting the official Jeep website, or by visiting local New Hampshire dealer, Keene Dodge Chrysler Jeep.

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