Three Reasons Your Car Isn’t Selling

When you’re trying to shift a used car, you don’t want it lingering for too long. It costs you money and value the longer you hold onto it. Guaranteeing a quick sale is the best way to get the best deal on it. But trying to sell it before it’s ready to go out there is only going to do more harm than good. Here, we’ll look at why your car isn’t selling and why it’s going to keep costing you money.

You haven’t taken care of it

This is priority number one. If a car doesn’t feel good on a test drive, then it’s probably not going to be taken for any more drives after that. You don’t have to completely kit out the car and replace all its parts to get a better drive. A thorough maintenance will highlight issues in the breaks, the engine, and suspension that all have a drastic input on how the drive feels. Failing to maintain your car won’t only lower a buyer’s estimation of the car’s value and their opinion of whether they would buy it. Not having a maintenance log kept up to date is going to make a real dent in the car’s value.

You’re not paying enough attention to the details

Even if the car drives fine, people do look at the details. Sometimes they see something that seems minor, but in actuality means that they’re only buying more work when they buy the car. The most common instance of that is a small chip or crack in the windshield. If a buyer sees that, they’re going to think that it’s at risk of growing into a huge crack that could jeopardise the windshield. They’re correct in thinking that, too. Glass restoration services like can help you make sure that all the details of the car pass inspection. Don’t forget to detail and wax the car and to clean the interiors, either. It might seem like buyer nit-picking to you, but it really does change their perception on the car.

You’re not selling it very well

It might not have anything to do with the car itself but how you’re trying to sell it. Online is the best marketplace to sell a car on, but it’s also one of the marketplaces where it’s easiest to mess it up and turn people off the car entire. has a lot of useful advice on how you can write a listing that drastically improves the car’s chances of catching some interest. Include all the necessary details and make sure that you take high-quality digital pictures (not on your phone) of the car’s exterior and interior. Failing to do so can make buyers believe you’re trying to hide something about it.

It’s all about presentation. How the car looks, how it feels to drive, and how you advertise it in its listings. As long as you haven’t taken care of those issues, you’re probably going to be waiting longer for offers that don’t match its real value.

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