Toyota GT 86 could spawn sedan version with extended wheelbase

An Australian website is saying the big boys over at Toyota are about to green-light a sedan version of the GT 86 Coupe. The first major difference between the two cars is going to be in the wheelbase of the sedan which will be stretched by a considerable 100mm. Aside from the obvious two additional rear doors, the GT 86 Sedan is rumored to get a different front grille known to carry a “keen-look” in a similar way to a katana samurai sword. The car will allegedly be available with the same familiar 4-cylinder, 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated boxer engine from the coupe.


However, the GT 86 Sedan will reportedly be offered as a hybrid with an output of 268 bhp, significantly more than the 200 bhp coupe. In addition, this hybridized version will also be up to 15 percent more economical and will boast a KERS system inspired from Formula 1 that will be capable of recovering kinetic energy during the braking period.

The Toyota GT 86 Sedan is expected at next March’s Geneva Motor Show and will hit the market towards the end of 2015 with similar prices as the GT 86 Coupe.

Note: Photo shows Toyota GT 86 Coupe

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