Underground Racing launches 1,800 whp Audi R8 GT

The Audi R8 GT has received a massive power hike from the engineers at Underground Racing. The vehicle in question is one of the 333 units ever produced by the Ingolstadt-based automaker and unlike the stock model which packs 553 bhp, this one has no less than 1,150 whp (wheel horsepower) when it runs on 93 octane pump. If you fill in the tank with race gas, the V10 5.2-liter will produce an impressive 1,800 whp.

Audi R8 GT by Underground Racing-1

These huge power increases are available through a JRR Plug & Play Motec ECU system, a helix billet differential, billet input and output shafts, billet final drive gears and a full billet 1-6 custom ratio. We also notice the exterior of the Audi R8 GT has received several carbon fiber body parts.
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Source: Underground Racing

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