Updated Honda CR-Z makes an appearance in Paris

The Japanese automaker Honda has brought to Paris this year the updated version of the company’s CR-Z hybrid. It was shown first about a week ago at the Indonesian Motor Show and now it has arrived on European territory.  Not many things have changed in comparison to the model it is set to replace but even so it’s still a car worthy of our consideration.

Under the hood it sports the same 4-cylinder 1.5-liter gasoline engine that for the 2013 model year it has received some updates which have to do with the ECU and the variable valve timing system, an anti-vibration knock sensor and a better material for the crankshaft.

Thanks to the changes brought to the power unit, it is now capable of producing 119 hp, which represents a modest 7 hp increase in output. Another worthy change is the replacement of the previous Nickel-metal battery with a lithium-ion unit that increases the output of the car’s electrical system by more than 50 percent. In horsepower figure, we are talking about an increase from the previous 14 hp to the current 20 hp.

2013 Honda CR-Z

As you would expect given these modifications, the performances of the Honda CR-Z have been improved as the car is now capable of doing the 0-62 mph sprint in 9 seconds, making it 0.7 seconds quicker than it used to be. It will keep on accelerating until it hits a maximum speed of 124 mph. As far as the average consumption is concerned, the 2013 CR-Z is capable of returning 47 mpg US (56.5 mpg UK or 5 liters / 100 km).

2013 Honda CR-Z

The update also brings a new Plus Sport system, along with the existing ECON, Normal and Sport modes. When the battery has at least a 50 percent level, the driver can benefit from a boost in terms of acceleration thanks to the electrical system for as much as ten seconds by pressing the added S+ button which can be found on the steering wheel.

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  • ben_b

    I had high hopes of being able to buy a new CRX, but Honda killed the spirit of that amazing car with this new bloated beast.