Vauxhall Insignia VXR SuperSport can reach 170 mph

Vauxhall has released a new version of its hot Insignia VXR model. Known as the SuperSport, the potent four-door sedan is now capable of reaching a maximum speed of 170 mph thanks to the removal of the top speed limiter, marking a 15 mph increase in comparison to the outgoing version.

In addition, the British brand has decided to lower the car’s price tag by 3,760 pounds, meaning that it now costs 29,995 pounds.

Vauxhall is saying that the Insignia VXR SuperSport is the fastest car available in the United Kingdom that is priced at less than 30,000 pounds. At the heart of this model is a V6 2.8-liter turbo engine that produces 321 hp (239 kW) that allows the vehicle to hit 62 mph from start in only 5.6 seconds. For added grip, the firm’s engineers have installed a HiPerStrut front suspension system.

To make it a bit different than the model it replaces, the SuperSport version features an updated speedometer and blue Brembo lettering on the brake calipers. Other than that, the cars are virtually the same.

It is already available on order and benefits from the company’s Lifetime Warranty program.


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