Wanna Race? Here Are 5 Places to Do It Legally

If you buy a fancy sports car, then chances are you want to make the most of it and actually take it somewhere to drive at thrilling speeds instead of being limited by city speed limits. You might even be tempted to floor it down a clean stretch of road just to experience the excitement, but you’re probably going to end up being fined for speeding and suffer a penalty on your driving license. Either way, owning a fast car and not having the opportunity to play with it is like being a child with “kiddie” versions of their favourite toys.

Audi A6 Allroad Sport
Audi A6 Allroad Sport

If you want to experience the thrill of driving in a fast car, then here are a couple of places that you can take your vehicle to. Even if you don’t own a fast car yet or if these locations are too far away, don’t worry because you can always rent a vehicle at some of these places. If these areas are a bit far away but you still want to drive your own vehicle, then consider hiring car transport services to bring it to these excellent destinations. With all the attractions and accommodation nearby, you could even turn it into a holiday or break!

Qualcomm Stadium

Located in San Diego, California, the Qualcomm Stadium is a unique destination that boasts race-legal events that are actually police sanctioned and incredibly popular. You can experience the thrill of “illegal” street racing in a controlled environment where police actually monitor and watch you drive. It’s quite different from racing on a track or speeding down a vehicle and there’s something exciting about speeding down the road with police watching you and not being able to do a thing. It’s an innovative idea that aims to stop illegal street racing which can cause horrific crashes that involve not only the drivers but innocent pedestrians too.

Junkyard #1 Dragway

Located in Canton, Mississippi, this is a long stretch of racetrack where anyone can bring their car and floor it against competitors. Perhaps the most controversial thing about the Junkyard #1 Dragway is that there are very few rules. You could bring just about any vehicle here and anyone can make use of this clean strip of tarmac, but you do so on your own accord so you have to understand the risks and accidents you could get into if you get a bit carried away.

Monticello Motor Club

Located in New York, the Monticello Motor Club is a beautiful motor club with a 4-mil road course with plenty of scenic views. Unlike the other two locations, the Monticello Motor Club is much more refined and suits drivers that want a proper race course instead of something that feels like street racing. There are races for all skill levels, driving lessons, a great community and you can even hire one of their cars or use your own. It’s a fantastic location for someone that wants to get more involved with racing their car, and it’s definitely a place to go for a weekend break or holiday.

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