What to do in a flash flood?

Have you ever watched the news and seen some unlucky driver caught in a flash flood and wondered what you would do in the same situation?  First, it could happen to you some day because flash floods are very common and few people understand how dangerous they can be.  That’s why a lot of people die every year when their vehicle gets caught in the rushing waters of a flash flood. We spoke with the sales manager at Button Dodge in Kocomco, IN, a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram dealer and he was kind enough to review you should do if you get caught in a flash flood.


The number one rule

The number one rule when you encounter any water crossing the road is to turn around.  Looks can be deceiving so it might look like a little bit of water ahead that’d be easy to ford, but often it isn’t. The water could be deeper than you think and there could be a hole that you vehicle will get stuck in. This happens to dozens of people every year and it has cost many people their lives.  Play it smart and think about your passengers, it is usually safer to turn around.

You are stuck in the middle

If fast-moving water has already surrounded your vehicle, and your car is either stalled out or has dropped into a pit, then you need to get yourself out of there as quickly as possible and get to dry land. You don’t want to wait a long period of time for help to arrive because the water could rise and then you have a really dangerous situation.  If during this process, you get swept away by the water, try to grab whatever you can to pull yourself to the side. Maneuver over any objects you encounter and if they are large, wait for help.

Your car is swept away

If you happen to be unfortunate enough to get swept away by the rushing waters, you are immediately in a life threating situation.  What you should do is dependent on your situation.  If your car is floating downstream rapidly, it might be best to leave the vehicle and swim to safety.  There’s something you should know about exiting a vehicle when it is in water, though.  Your doors will probably not open. Although it sounds counterintuitive, you’ll want to roll down your windows and try and climb out.

If your car becomes submerged

If your vehicle actually becomes submerged, you will NOT be able to open your doors.  The pressure will be too great.  Here’s what you do to get out: allow water to enter your vehicle.  Roll down the windows, allow water to enter your car and then open your doors and escape.


If you ever find yourself up against a flash flood, keep a level head and remember: a vehicle can be replaced, but lives cannot.

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