2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Have you though about getting a new vehicle?  If you have, you probably contemplated in your head what kind of vehicle you should get whether it be a car, SUV or truck.  You also probably wonder if it should be a coupe or four door.  While a four door is safer, a coupe is better if you are more concerned about the style you want to ride in. If you are even more concerned about safety, you should look into an SUV or a truck because the added mass is better in the event of a crash.  SUV’s and trucks also allow for much  better towing, but they are gas guzzlers because of the added mass that they have to carry. If you are thinking about going with an SUV, think about the 2013 Jeep Cherokee.

The ’13 Cherokee has a choice between a V-6 or V-8, so that its consumers can be satisfied about its sufficient horsepower or its good fuel economy numbers.  Of course if you want the fastest version of the ’13 Grand Cherokee, pull out all the big guns and spring for the SRT8 performance wagon.   This performance wagon can compete with very luxurious SUVs like the Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5 and X6 and Mercedes-Benz AMG utilities.  The SRT8 not only competes on the same level as luxurious SUVs but it also is the Grand Cherokee that gets the best amenities.

For 2013, the Cherokee has lowered aerodynamic drag and has made slightly better styling cues, and it also has put some more amenities in the top of the line Cherokee SRT8.  Underway, the Grand Cherokee cabin is very quiet, even with the throttle floored, even over rough pavement. There are three layers of noise insulation, adding to the weight but the quiet is impressive.

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