5 Things to Consider Before Modifying Your Car

If you’re passionate about cars – and how could you not be? – then you may have considered modifying your vehicle, in the hope of improving its performance, power, and style. This is an exciting adventure, one that allows you to exercise your passion, and build a car more in the image of what you want. However, it’s not straightforward. If you’re just beginning to think about the modifications you can add, then there are some things that you need to think about. We outline five below, which will help you get the car you want.

What’s Your Goal?


To begin with, ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve from modifying your vehicle. There are many different ways you can do it, but you won’t be able to do all of them – or initially, at least. For example, do you want to give your car some added roar under the hood? Do you want to change the exterior, making it more interesting, and more of a head turner, in the process? Or are you all about the entertainment, and keen to add a sound system that’ll be the envy of other drivers?


Long Term Cost


Make no mistake: modifying cars is an expensive business, in more ways than one. For starters, it’s crucial that you invest in high-quality parts, especially if it will affect how your car runs. You might be able to live with a cheaply made sound system, but anything that affects the safety and performance of the car needs to be watertight. It is not the place to look for bargains. Also, while the start up cost can be expensive, remember that it won’t be the final thing you pay for; modified cars always need tweaks and improvements, making it an ongoing expenditure.


Insurance Issues


You’re making your car stand out, which is positive in some regards, but you’ll also be making it more attractive to would-be criminals. Because of this, your car insurance policy is unlikely to foot the bill if any of your modified or customised parts are stolen or damaged. Even if your insurer won’t cover your modifications, it’s important that you notify them should you make any alterations. Remember that adding safety features to your vehicle can reduce the cost of your insurance; worth thinking about, as it’ll offset any rise in cost you might experience due to modifications.


DIY Jobs


If you’re eager to modify your car, then you probably want to be a part of the process, doing the jobs yourself. While this is possible, and recommended if you know what you’re doing, remember that some additions will require a technical proficiency that you’re unlikely to possess. As such, you should figure out which jobs you can do yourself and which will require the services of a professional.


Keep it Appropriate


Finally: keep it tasteful. It’s easy to get carried away when it comes to our cars, but if you take it too far we’ll end up with a car that looks ridiculous, performs too well for the street, and which can’t be sold!

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