Airless tires arriving next year from Polaris

Today we bring some interesting news from Polaris (the off-road vehicle manufacturer) as they have announced airless tires will enter mass production as early as next year. The NPT (non-pneumatic tire) has been created by a company known as Resilient Technologies who was acquired by Polaris last year.

Upon launch, these tires will be compatible only with off-road vehicles but other types of vehicles will get these tires in the future.

The reason for this is because the tires can be modified for several applications as they have a rubber-made outer tread.

What this means is that in the next several years we’ll get to see airless tires designed for improving fuel economy, as well as other tires which are designed to enhance the performances of the car. Another important advantage worth taking into account would have to be the less waste due to the reason that just the outer tread has to be changed. A more comfortable ride and less noise are also some of the major advantages of these new tires.

It was the year 2005 when Bridgestone presented its own version of the airless tire called Tweel, while in late 2011 Bridgestone came out with its own version. However, the two major tire manufacturers decided not to offer these airless tires to the general public.

Source: Polaris

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