Rinspeed Etos concept debuts as autonomous BMW i8

The Rinspeed Etos is a rather interesting concept based on the BMW i8 and equipped with autonomous driving technology. It looks substantially different than the regular i8 as it has gained a brand new exterior and a glass roof. It sits on Borbet GTX 20-inch wheels and comes with a specially-made drone landing platform that has no less than 12,000 individually-controlled LEDs which double as an electronic message board. The concept was envisioned with a DJI quadcopter in charge of picking up deliveries or to go above the car to livestream the trip.

Rinspeed Etos concept
Rinspeed Etos concept

The interior cabin is just as special as the exterior as the Rinspeed Etos comes with a brand new dashboard that incorporates two massive 21.5-inch screens and a retracting & folding steering wheel. It comes with numerous ceramic accents, titanium pedals, bespoke seats, along with a high-end Harman infotainment system.
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To monitor the vehicle’s surroundings, Rinspeed has fitted 8 HD exterior cameras and there’s also a gaze-tracking system that monitors the driver’s eye movements. The system can automatically send out warnings in case the driver has missed to see a potential hazard up ahead.

The Rinspeed Etos will be showcased in January at the 2016 Consumers Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Source: Rinspeed

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