Chrysler started manufacturing cars under bearing its brand in 1924.

Throughout the years, the carmaker proved that cars could be elegant and operate with high quality performance.

However, recent news about a mummified Chrysler shook the car enthusiasts’ world.

Is Mummification Possible?

Don’t go into deep thinking just yet as mummifying an actual Chrysler, or any tin product for that matter, is impossible.

2013 Chrysler 300 Motown Edition-1

The news circulating about such vehicle is a part of the latest Hot Wheels project entitled “2013 Pop Culture”.

In this series, the famed toy manufacturer chose several car models for their products and designed them according to certain themes inspired by pop culture.

Hot Wheels included various franchises to give inspiration to the vehicles’ themes like the Muppets, Hostess, Looney Toons, and a lot more. The theme used for this mummified Chrysler is Universal Monsters. Each Hot Wheels car presented is constructed with die-cast bodies, Real Riders tires, and chassis, which are the prime components the brand is known for.

Universal Monsters

Universal Monsters theme is a collection of horror films, which are prominent components of pop culture. This set highlights six cars with designs inspired by the main characters in the film like Dracula, Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Wolfman, The Bride of Frankenstein, and The Mummy, the chosen theme for the only Chrysler vehicle presented in the 2013 Pop Culture project.

The Chrysler chosen for the recent line is a custom 1934 Chrysler Airflow. It possesses a yellowish to ochre finish and with gold-finished rim tires. Image of the mummy are printed on the car’s roof and two doors. The title is also found on the vehicle, making a full statement about the promoted character.

Other vehicles presented have different finishes that accent the whole collection. Their packages, however, are somewhat similar in theme with lightning patterns. Base colors vary depending on the portrayed characters.

Collector’s Item for Everyone

It’s no secret that a lot of people love Hot Wheels and spend money just to collect them. The good thing about this new collection set is that more people can relate to its themes. First, it has appealed to car lovers by showcasing prominent car brands like Chrysler. Second, Hot Wheels fans will surely head to stores to obtain the latest set of miniature vehicles from the prominent toy brand. Finally, pop culture fans who knew the films and animations used for themes would also find this set a great variation on their collections. They may have the videos, but having these themed vehicles boosts their collections.

The main benefit of owning these items for collection purposes is that Hot Wheels make these replica vehicles with top quality materials. They will last long in the collection and serve as prized investments for car lovers.

Many individuals anticipated the Pop Culture collectibles and bought them immediately once launched in stores. Chrysler is just one of the many vehicles promoted in this project that introduce famous films in a unique way. Check its other pieces as well to appreciate the legacy Hot Wheels established in the industry.

Source: Palmer Dodge Georgia

The very phase “Luxury SUV” seems to suggest a large, sprawling vehicle. However, the age of small crossovers and green-conscious, economical cars, with small footprints are here.

It seems many auto makers today are making a genuine and well intentioned effort to combine the pleasurable qualities of comfortable and even luxurious vehicles with the moral and practical advantages that come from consciously created vehicles that are not as “greedy” on a number of levels.

2015 Lincoln MKC-1

With that as a background, Lincoln is introducing the MKC compact crossover. This vehicle takes the Ford Escape as its foundation, and adds to it a whole new level of style, comfort, and engineering.

We sat down with the kind folks at Reedman Lincoln in Langhorne to get the inside scoop on this new model. They noted that Lincoln fans will likely be excited to finally have an option of a vehicle with good gas mileage, along with traditional Lincoln luxury. Outside, the vehicle looks athletic, stylish, smooth, and yet also muscular and spunky. Its glass roof, which runs with little interruption into the ample windshield, gives it a bright, warm, panoramic feel. The interior is roomy and modern, with reasonable storage.

There are 2 different engine options here, with the common denominator that they are all EcoBoost four-cylinder engines that have both direct injection and turbo charging. The first choice is the 2.0 liter engine that produces 240 horsepower and 270 foot-pounds of torque. The upgraded option is a 2.3 liter that churns our 275 horsepower and 300 foot pounds of torque.

It’s not yet known what the associated transmission will be, but it will have Lincoln’s signature push button gear shifter. The all wheel drive versions will include an adaptive suspension system called Continuously Controlled Damping.

Here’s a genuinely artistic gimmick that comes with this SUV: An approach detection system senses when you are nearing the vehicle, turns the car’s lights on, and projects a luminous Lincoln “welcome mat” onto the pavement. Isn’t that charming?  Overall this representative of the new crossover SUV era from Lincoln looks like a winner.

Chrysler is one of the most phenomenal automobile companies worldwide. In fact, Chrysler is so prestigious it has acquired stakes in several other independent car companies like Dodge, Jeep and Ram.Chrysler is also the manufacturer of Fiat cars in the United States of America.

Chrysler car models are known for their glamor and it is the uniform brand of the wealthy and fabulous from the 1925 to the late 1980’s.From its humble beginnings of being an off-spring of American Motors Corporation, it created itself a vast commercial empire. The Chrysler Empire Building is the solid monument of its 89 years of success.

2014 Chrysler 300S-1

As far as movies are concerned, the Chrysler Empire Building is the recurring sublime backdrop of the latest Men in Black movie franchise. This building was the place where the protagonist began his quest to save the planet, and it is also in this exact place where he emerged triumphant. Follow Agent J in his mission that does not only traverse the space, but also time itself.

What is the Men In Black 3 all about?

In Men in Black 3, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones reprises their roles respectively as Agent J and Agent K in the highly controversial non-government intergalactic agency protecting earth from the presence of migrating aliens. Agent J and Agent K have worked in the MIB agency for many years but throughout their extensive partnership (or student-master relationship), there is so much about the two of them that is left unknown. When an alien convict named Boris the Animal sprang out of the lunar correctional facility, he plots to avenge his amputation on Agent K responsible for apprehending him and thwarting his invasion of earth in 1969. Boris’ master plan is to travel to that bygone year and alter the course of history; to kill the young Agent K and ensure the successful invasion of planet earth.

Agent J woke up in a different reality where Agent K no longer exists (dead in 1969). With the help of a time-warp expert, Agent J jumped from the top of the Chrysler Building to trigger the time travel back to 1969. In this wacky and anachronistic world, he met the younger Agent K (Josh Brolin) who happens to be a completely different persona from the gloomy and detached older version he got used to. In 1969, Agent K was a bit cheerful and optimistic. Agent J not only thwarted the machinations of Boris the Animal, he also unlocked the mystery of his childhood and how Agent K was secretly responsible for his upbringing.

Where Chrysler is and is not

Although the Chrysler Building is an iconic setting in the entire movie, it is interesting to take note that this latest episode of Men In Black franchise virtually has no standard Chrysler brand automobiles making a significant appearance in the film. Most cars used in the key scenes are either from Ford or Chevrolet. It seemingly translates the metaphor of Chrysler being more of a commercial empire than a stand-alone car brand in these contemporary times.

Source: Lynch Chrysler of Troy

When people want a classic, hip and convenient ride all at the same time, a Mini Cooper will surely come in mind.

This ride is considered to be one of the in demand autos which the youngsters and the elders alike would want to own as their hip rides.

Mini Cooper has been obviously known with it being “Mini,” as a direct translation of the word into an actual car brand.

However, this Mini ride turns to be a giant in the roster of famous and most sought-after autos in the world. But how does this Mini stood up to be a giant among all the huge and enormous rides ever invented?

MINI Paceman John Cooper Works-1

First of all, what is the Mini Cooper? This ride was reinvented in 2001 after disappearing in the market in the 80s where it was prominent and most sought after. This time, the car line was already being produced by the prominent car brand BMW. However, its reinvention has proven to the people that the recent Mini has nothing in common with the classic one aside from its adoption of the name and the extreme resemblance on the features of the previous car model. But after its rebirth from the past, this Mini is still roaring in the streets as one of the most in demand and loved autos ever invented as it all goes out on the name, the features and the advantages of having this Mini as the baby.

So what is the biggest advantage of the Mini Cooper? It is small that it comes really handy and easy to bring and drive all over the town. This advantage will of course turn out to be one of the biggest as the convenience of the driver or the user is the most important. So this car sure has the small features or structure from the outside but Mini Cooper fans and owners know that this tiny ride does not have a Mini inside. This car in fact has so much room inside that it can support the activities of the drivers and can accommodate people almost more than two door hot wheels can.

Secondly, Mini Cooper is not a sports car but drives like one – in a smaller price. This Mini is the giant of the road as it has an extreme power that no drivers of Mini Coopers can ever imagine. Its easy handling is one of its advantages and this ride can turn out to be so fast. Given the fact that this car has a lower price than any other autos and sports car in the market, it is not cheap for its class and quality and this precisely determines why people love Mini Cooper.

Lastly, the Mini Cooper stood up as 17th out of the roster of 14 cars considered to be the most affordable. This year, the Mini Cooper was also ranked 6th in the affordable subcompact cars bracket, 17th in hatchbacks and 4th in affordable convertibles. This Mini is not just about the design and the structure; it has the quality that is all worth the price that is not asking for too much.

Mini Cooper has turned out to be the classic reinvention of an old time loved auto in the midst of the present generation and the hip future. Who ever said that it is all about the size? Yes it is small, but yes it is all worth it. Source:

Controversial Hollywood star Rihanna has always been seen driving the equally gorgeous Chevy Suburban in many spots she has been.

But why exactly the 25-year old Billboard chart topper chose this Chevy as her travel buddy?

2013 Chevrolet Suburban mirrors its then baby Chevy sister

The latest collection of Chevy’s Large SUVs is the 2013 Chevrolet Suburban, which you can see at Lynch Chevy of Mukwonago.


Boasting a wide range combination of its capabilities to tow, spacious cargo ability, and hauling capacity of up nine people, this is the kind of Chevy ride you have always dreamed of.

Coming in two models (regular or heavy duty), both are actually equipped with a V8 engine and a 6 speed automatic transmission which rated as having a smooth shifting gears giving a particular driver a very comfortable ride.

This Chevy’s base trim also features a 6 speaker stereo, a USB port and  Bluetooth connection. It also comes with an upgrade for Bose sound system, a backup camera and an entertainment system on the rear-seat.  Its interior controls and the touch screen enabled navigational system are just some of the enhancements that can also be utilized.

From all of these stuffs that the 2013 Chevy Suburban possesses, no doubt its baby sister (the one that Rihanna owns way back) was a clear choice for the multi-awarded pop singer back then.  Clearly, Rihanna has a great choice in what kind of cars she should have.  At least, that is something that the pop singer should be commended for.  Well, let us not try to talk about her bad choices in life, I mean Chris Brown. Oooops!

Rihanna Review to the Chevy Review

As we are all aware of, a lot has been said about Rihanna’s professional and personal life.  And that only reflects the saying that nobody is perfect, each person commits mistakes or lacks something.  That is why, in order to have a fair share of statements and reviews about the 2013 Chevy Suburban, we try to compile trusted car blogs and sites for their numerous fair reviews.

Consumer Guide said that the Suburban actually excels for its refined drive train and has a surprising move ability.  Though the downside can be pointed to its third row seat that makes is uncomfortable to sit on and quite difficult to remove whenever it is needed to be transformed in a cargo space.  However, it is still considered as an excellent choice for its space and versatility.

While Edmunds said that when you ultimately want to assess a large SUV’s capacities for passenger, cargo and towing, this traditional big truck (Chevy Suburban) is definitely worth to be considered to purchase. And by then, canceling out the negative sides, such as having poor fuel economy and ponderous handling, is understandable.

Lastly, Kelley Blue Book has only great words for the 2013 Chevy Suburban for it continues to live its mission of offering a long earned good stripe for an SUV that is able to carry numerous people, haul a lot of stuffs while being a rugged biggie truck all at the same time.

Photo credit : Chevrolet

When we mention the word, “Corvette,” the first thing that crosses our mind is the United States.

Why? It’s an American car, made by Americans for Americans and everyone who wishes to own a ‘Vette.

Aside from that, Corvette is one of the signature cars of Chevrolet and it’s not a surprise that even with its sky-high price tags, more and more people, specifically Americans keep on dreaming about buying one of those sleek, mean-looking cars.

Chevrolet Corvette C6RS by Pratt and Miller-2

Mind you, those Corvettes are high-maintenance so it doesn’t mean that you have the bucks to buy one, you can already maintain it.

And we are talking about today’s generations of the Corvette: specifically the C5 and the C7. What about the older ‘Vettes like the C2 which is also known as the Sting Ray, (shown at )? You wouldn’t use today’s technology to maintain a time-tested muscle car such as the Sting Ray, right? It’s simply not possible. Why?

Each car has its own generation and each generation has its own methods and technologies. Each car has a lifetime but that lifetime can be extended depending on how it is maintained.

The fame, the popularity of any of the Corvette generations is unmatched. It actually matches the popularity of the Camaro despite being a little bit expensive. Corvettes are unquestionably fast. In fact, they are built and maintained to be fast. In the United States, when you own a Corvette, you can already participate in a drag race. Why? A stock ‘Vette can light the quarter-mile up. But, Corvettes aren’t made to be in drag races alone. No. Chevrolet didn’t create a monster only to be tamed in a drag race. In fact, they are made to race on real race tracks.

At present, several Corvettes are participating various world championships including some endurance races. These races don’t only require speed and power for the drivers to secure a W. These long and tiring races require one of the most important aspects that all cars must have: reliability. Reliable to stand any racing conditions. Reliable to survive any challenges. Reliable to keep up its speed in differentiating track temperatures. Reliability. And when it comes to reliability, Chevrolet makes sure that their Corvettes are at best.

They say Corvettes are expensive. And yet they are one of the most sought-after cars in the United States alone. Why? The mere fact that it’s made reliable to stand and survive any circumstances. The mere fact that it’s fact. And the mere fact that various Corvettes have been featured in some of the movies. There’s no point in questioning why Corvettes remain one of the famous cars today. In fact, Lightning McQueen’s body (as seen from the movie: Cars) was based on a Corvette and he races too. So that adds up to Corvette’s popularity.

Owning a Corvette is not just about money, speed and power. Owning and driving a Corvette is simply about American pride. The ‘Vette is born in America. Americans are one of a few who know how to maintain it. And only America understands its personality because Corvette grew up in the Land of the Free World.

Countless movies showcased top quality vehicles to promote as part of the storyline or for transportation purposes.

They serve as branding for the film as well as for the carmaker chosen to supply their needed vehicles.

However, what if a film had a Chevy as its top biller, gaining the title for a certain movie shown years back?

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

The Vehicle Star

It was in 1978 when the film Corvette Summer was released starring Mark Hamill and Annie Pots. This film has the male star as the top biller, but the title itself is also enough to label the Corvette Stingray as the top biller or star. (You can view the all new Stingray at ReedmanToll Chevy).

In this story, Mark Hamill portrayed the role of Kenny Dantley, a car enthusiast studying as a senior in Southern California high school. His task involved Chevy Corvette as he was required to customize the vehicle, which possessed a right-hand drive feature. However, things start to develop when the said car was stolen. Dantley decided to find the car by tracing the thieves. He ended up to Las Vegas and met Vanessa (portrayed by Annie Potts), who called herself as a prostitute in training.

Dantley worked in a car wash shop to sustain his needs while in a different city. One day, he saw the missing Corvette Stingray and followed where the driver will bring it. He saw the vehicle stopped at a local garage and had a conflict with the owner. Fortunately, Vanessa came to the rescue. The story developed when Dantley found out that his teacher arranged for the vehicle theft, which crushed the main guy character. He discovered that the garage owner and the teacher had conspired for the incident to occur. While he agreed to work at the garage, he also vowed to bring back the car.

In the end, Dantley got the car and together with Vanessa had a car chase as they go back to his high school. They ultimately won the chase and got the car back safely.

The Plotline’s Star

The Corvette Stingray in this film has not only been a mode of transportation. It has been the main reason that steered the storyline. If you’ll look closely, the film also highlighted Stingray’s performance, especially during the car chase.

According to the resources, two Corvettes were used in the film. The main car has been used for filming while the other one is a backup car. Notes about the movie showed how special this film is because it was specifically constructed for MGM in preparation for the film.

This star vehicle’s status remained the same and people can still see the main Corvette vehicle at the National Corvette Museum. On the other hand, Mid America Motorworks’ Mike Yager used the backup car before selling it to a private collector.

Overall, the storyline is enough to show that the car is actually the star of the film. After being stolen and saved, it became a prominent vehicle in the entertainment industry. Check this car at the museum and see the actual car used in the movie.

The word is officially out on the 2015 Colorado, the latest addition to Chevy’s pickup truck line.

This “new” truck is actually a reincarnation. It had its first life as a rather unimpressive pickup made initially for the foreign markets.

Chevrolet, however, hastened to assure the good people of America that a U.S. version was around the corner.


It needn’t have bothered, since people were not exactly enchanted by the Colorado in general. It had weak powertrains and a hard, cheap looking interior. The would-be customers for this vehicle ended up going to Japanese manufacturers instead, or simply skipping the Colorado in favor of the Silverado.

The new Colorado is a different story. Just like the awkward teenage boy or girl who blossoms into a sharp looking young man or beautiful young woman, the Colorado has matured.  As the initial peeks and the official unveiling of the truck at the LA auto show have proven, this is a mid-sized truck to get excited about, if that kind of vehicle is what somebody is in the market for.

The truck is muscular and fit looking. Though the specifics of the interior must remain something of a mystery until the truck’s actual release, the inside looks greatly improved over the 2012 model. The base engine in this truck is a 2.5-liter, four cylinder that puts out 193 horsepower and 184 foot pounds of torque. Chevy says that peak torque will be reached in the range between 2,000 and 6,000 rpm. There will also be an option to upgrade to a 3.6-liter V6 engine producing 302 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque.

According to the Chevy experts we spoke to at Lynch Chevy Kenosha, the Chevy Colorado has three trim levels: the WT, the LT, and the Z71. These trim levels will all have different pricing, as is usually the case, but specific cost information is not available yet.   These first glimpses are tantalizing. This is a sporty midsize truck that those in the market for a more moderately sized and priced pickup truck should definitely consider.

There are different reasons why drivers customize their vehicles. They customize their vehicles out of necessity, comfort, safety, etc. This article will help owners customize their Jeep vehicles either in expensive or inexpensive ways.

Customizing your Jeep Vehicle

Vehicle owners consider several things when customizing their Jeep vehicles. They also consider the style and efficiency, aside from necessity, safety, and comfort. The very first few things that owners consider when customizing their jeeps are as follows:

2014 Euro-spec Jeep Compass-3

  1. Soft Tops – Tops are must have add-ons that vehicle owners should not take for granted. Jeeps are owned by most for the outdoor enthusiasts such as hunters and fishers who fancy venturing to different areas regardless of whether the climate is hot or cold or if the general weather is good or bad. Having a soft top will be a good protection from the heat of the sun and from the rain. If this catches your attention, just be reminded that your tops should be heavy duty, made of cotton and vinyl coated polyester, sealed with heat seal tape, etc. If you have all of these, you will feel secured that you will not get wet or be exposed to the heat of the sun.
  2. Racks – Your Jeep vehicle should have an extra space where you can place your things for hunting or for any other outdoor activities. If you and your family are fond of picnics, then, your vehicle should have an extra space for the picnic basket, tables, mats, and so forth. Hence, you need to get racks that can hold up to 300 pounds so that you can carry along your bicycle.
  3. Grab Handles – The customization of your vehicle should include getting grab handles. The purpose of this is to have something to hold when getting into the vehicle or holding yourself in place. You can hold the handles when you pass by a bouncing road. This is to avoid from falling down or being displaced. Effective grab handles are usually made of nylon webbing.
  4. Spider Web Shade – Famous people that own a Jeep vehicle provide it with a spider web shade as protection. It is a good idea to do the same and in fact, there are so many Jeep vehicle owners that seek this particular add-on and fits beautifully on Jeep Wrangler and KL models. Owners using the add-on keep using it despite the weather change.
  5. Seat Covers – If you have a preferred design for your seat covers, then look for covers that will suit your style. Jeep owners who love to improve the design of their vehicle’s interior consider the cover of their seat. Styles and colors are the things that are primarily considered by owners when changing their covers.
  6. Light Bars – This is another important add-on as it adds extra lights to illuminate the darkest roads and may come in handy most especially when you are going to a place that you have never been to. It will help you avoid dangerous craters, fallen trees, and boulders which you might encounter while driving in desolate areas.

Note: You can usually buy most of these accessories at your local dealer, like Keene Jeep of NH.

The following are some of the add-ons that you may opt to furnish your Jeep vehicle with. Not only will these make your car look unique but these can also provide greater comfort, luxury and safety as well.

Chrysler, an American automobile manufacturer based in Auburn Hills, gives donations and contributions to charities.

It is the automaker’s way of giving back to the communities what it has now.

It is registered that Chrysler gained a large profit in 2012 and exceeded what it gained in 2011.

It shared its profits to its workers by either giving them performance bonuses or profit share checks.

2013 Chrysler 300 Motown Edition-5

Chrysler Partners with Local Charities

Before the automaker earned a good profit in 2012, it partnered with several charities such as Detroit Urban League, Boys and Girls Clubs Southeastern Michigan, and Latin Americans for Social and Economic Development Inc. The automaker gave tickets for the super bowl to all people living in Detroit. It is Chrysler’s way of showing its commitment and gratitude to its consumers. Recipients of the tickets used these to enjoy and relax with their family and friends.

Recently, Chrysler made a donation to victims of the flood that affected residents from Colorado. It donated a total amount of $50,000 to affected residents through the efforts of its philanthropic outlet, the Chrysler Group LLC. Its primary beneficiary is the charitable organization, First Response Team of America. The organization, on the other hand, was the one in charge of distributing the goods.

Also, owners of Chrysler vehicles are given the chance to donate to charitable institutions and organizations. The first thing that owners should do is pick the non-profit charity to benefit from the donation. The automaker has a list of charities that owners can choose so they can pick any from the list and when done with that, experts assigned will complete the process. One thing is for sure here, you will be provided with the highest deduction for tax so the charities will get the most out of it.

Chrysler Gives Donations Despite Challenges

The automaker is a generous company just like Ford. Both automakers continued giving donations and philanthropic grants despite their struggles. Chrysler declared bankruptcy and sought help from their parent company–Fiat. They worked together to produce a product that would display their strong features. The vehicle produced would be a great help to Chrysler most especially when it comes to its sales output. The merger of the two automakers brought lots of growth opportunities aside from their sales improvement. This is being affirmed by Sergio Marchionne, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Chrysler.

All of the goodness of Chrysler was paid back with the large profit it earned last 2012. The profit amounted to $1.7 billion and it was bigger than what they’ve originally expected. Marchionne cited that everything became possible because of the efforts of the leaders and workers that shared integrity and humble spirit. It was considered a remarkable turnaround to the automaker’s history for it filed bankruptcy in 2009 and managed to get up.  The leaders wanted more for the automaker so it encourages their workers to cooperate and work together.

The automaker has a long history of giving donations to the needed people. It plans to continue what it had started despite the challenges that it may encounter.

Source: Kolosso Chrysler Jeep Dodge