BMW M4 upgraded by RevoZport looks delicious

The aftermarket specialists at RevoZport have released an upgrade program tailored to the BMW M4. This is perhaps one of the best tuning kits out there for the high-performance coupe from Bavaria and is compatible with the version equipped with the optional M Performance kit. The subtle tweaks start at the front where there’s an add-on spoiler along with a custom splitter while the side profile shows redesigned intake ducts. Moving at the back, they added a trunk lid spoiler, diffuser and an optional fixed wing to improve aerodynamics.

BMW M4 by RevoZport
BMW M4 by RevoZport

RevoZport manufactured all of these parts from carbon fiber by using the vacuum infusion technology that removes all of the excessive resin from the surface of the carbon fiber which means the weight is very low. Besides the new body parts, the BMW M4 has also gained a brake cooling kit that works in tandem with the functional front splitter in order to provide optimal cooling for the brake rotors, brake mounting brackets, hoses and air ducts especially during the times when the vehicle is being driven fast.
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According to RevoZport, this carbon fiber body kit can also be applied onto the M3 Sedan fitted with the optional M Performance kit.

Source: RevoZport

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