Honda HR-V 2015 Review

Honda has just released the HR-V. It’s a car that’s somewhere between an SUV and a family hatchback. Does it stand up to its many competitors though? It’s time to find out.


The car is similar in length to most family hatchbacks you’ll find on the market today. But the body of the car is a little bulkier and more substantial than most small hatchbacks. This doesn’t look out of place though. The design works in the same way the design of the Nissan Juke works. Both cars are different, but both are SUV-hatchback crossovers.

2015 Honda HR-V
2015 Honda HR-V

There’s no awkwardness to the design. It holds its bulky body very well, and it spreads the weight evenly over the whole of the car, meaning that it doesn’t suffer when you drive it.


When you drive the HR-V, you’ll notice that it feels like you’re driving a hatchback. Even though the car looks a lot like a small SUV, the driving position is quite low, so you don’t feel like you’re hovering high above the road as you drive. Some will see this as a good thing and others as a bad thing.

The aim in terms of the dials and displays is clearly simplicity. There’s nothing at all complicated about the design; it’s very minimalist. But that doesn’t mean you haven’t got everything you need. There’s a 7-inch touchscreen display that lets you control everything in the cabin including the climate.


The HR-V offers a very smooth and comfortable drive. More so than you might expect from this kind of crossover. It’s a bulky car, but it certainly doesn’t feel like one when you’re on the road. It also feels quite sporty, which is not something that is associated with these kinds of cars, but it’s what you get with the HR-V.

There is quite a bit of noise when you drive though. That’s because of the car’s diesel engine. If you’re driving over long distances, this can annoy you a little. But if you’re the kind of person who can cope with that kind of thing, you should find the car quite enjoyable to drive, generally speaking.


All in all, the Honda HR-V is a strong car, and it’s one you should definitely consider buying if you want a hatchback with a bit more size and power to back it up. The performance of the engine is good as long as you can deal with the noise. But you’ll never be short of power when you put your foot down and accelerate, that’s for sure.

How does it compare to it’s rivals when it comes to price though? It’s a little more expensive than its rivals at just under £18,000 for the most basic model. But it won’t be long before you can find a used model from a dealer like Hilton Garage. If you can wait that long, it might be a good idea to buy a second-hand model.

Though, if your budget can stretch to a new model, there are plenty of worse cars to spend your money on. The Honda HR-V has a lot going for it, so take it for a test drive and try it out.

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