Lamborghini had a very profitable 2012

2012 was an extremely good year for Lamborghini as their sales jumped 30 percent in comparison to 2011. While in 2011 they sold 1,620 cars, last year they managed to deliver no less than 2,083 units. 922 of the sales were represented by the Aventador, while the other 1,161 cars were the Gallardo. Aside from the sales hike, Lamborghini’s turnover increased from 322 million euros to an impressive 469 million euros, which marks a significant 46 percent boost. This year in Geneva they showed the extremely expensive Veneno which will be limited to just three units, which each unit priced at a whopping $3.8 million.

Getting back to Lamborghini’s 2012 sales, 29 percent of the cars that were sold were bought in Europe, 28 percent in America (with 25 percent in United States), 35 percent in Asia Pacific (with China representing 15 percent), while South Africa and the Middle East grabbed the remaining 8 percent of the sales.

Later on this year, Lamborghini plans on launching the replacement for the aging Gallardo which in 2012 celebrates its 10th anniversary. We will probably get to see the car at a major event, possibly in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Source: Lamborghini

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